User Manual

Nutritics User Guide

Access and Installation
Activation Email
Nutritics Menu and Settings
Creating a Client
How to Create and Analyse a Recipe
Navigating through Nutritics
Searching in Nutritics
Advanced Search
Right clicking
Content Explorer
Reviewing and Entering Items
Smart Portions
Food Comparison
Saving Your Work
Deleting and Duplicating
Creating a Diet & Activity Log
Sharing and Collaboration
Exporting, Printing and Emailing a Report
Supplier Portal
Creating a Food Label
Label Elements
Country of Origin Labelling
List of abbreviations used in Nutritics
Nutritics Databases
Changing Databases in Nutritics
Technical Notes on Nutrient Data
Activating Accounts on the Licence Management Platform
Accessing the Licence Management Platform
Adding Users to the Licence Management Platform
Sending Reminders on the Licence Management Platform
Adjusting Expiry Dates on the Licence Management Platform
Deleting Users on the Licence Management Platform
Searching for Users on the Licence Management Platform
Research Edition Overview
Customisable Food Search
Adding Custom Fields
Batch Export
How to Cite / Reference Nutritics
Creating a Menu
Building a Menu Cycle
Digital Menus
Accessing Your Menus
Paper Menus
Printing and Exporting Labels
Label-link Integration
What is Libro?
Nutrient Losses and Gains
Nutrition Optimisation
Nutrition and Health Claims
Recipe Scaling
Recipe Cost Optimisation
Allergen Management
Recipe Cost Assessment
Accessing Libro
Calculating Your Clients' Energy Requirements
Logging Into Libro for the First Time
Libro Home Screen Explained
Generating a Diet Log Report
Interpreting a Diet Log Report
Hiding Nutrients on a Diet Log Report
Customising a Diet Log Report
Sharing a Diet Log Report
Dietary Reference Values (DRVs)
Adding Recipes to a Diet Log
Creating a Meal Plan
Nutritics DRVs
Nutrient Monitors
Rearranging Foods in a Meal Plans
Using Meal Plans With Multiple Clients
Exporting a Meal Plan
Adding an Individual Food to the Database
Adding Foods to the Database in Bulk
Setting custom DRVs
Reset Password
Reactivating an Expired Account
Keyboard shortcuts
Libro Trackers
Libro Menu and Settings
Adding Trackers to the Home Screen
The Libro Quick Menu
Adding Items to Your Diet Log
Using Bluetooth Scales with Libro
Adding Exercise to Your Log
Adding a Food to Libro
Adding Foods to the Public Database in Libro
Editing Existing Items in Your Log
Adding a Recipe to Libro
Importing a Diet Log from Libro
Libro programs - Guide for Nutrition Professionals
Libro Programs - Guide for Clients
Publishing a Menu to Libro
Activity Tracker Integrations (Fitbit and Google Fit)
Top Support Questions