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What is Libro?

Last updated: 24th May 2024

Libro is a voice assisted smartphone application for Android and iPhone that allows your clients or research participants to input their own food diaries directly, to save you input time and improve accuracy.

Libro includes visual aids, prompts and reminders, and the user can log by voice, ask nutrition related questions to our AI, and create recipes for inclusion in their log or fine tuning by you as their nutrition professional.

Our AI functionality means that users get recommendations based on what they’ve eaten regularly while they’re inputting their foods, reducing the amount of time it takes for them to log their food. Being able to ask nutrition related questions means more of an involved process, helping them build logging their food into their daily routines.

The client’s diet log is then available for you to import into Nutritics in one click for analysis and feedback, and the analysis report and feedback can be sent directly from your Nutritics Professional account to the client’s smartphone. You can quickly and easily import clients’ calories, macros and other nutrients, meaning less time on manual processes and more on analysis and service.

The ability for clients to be able to input their own data reduces the chances of human error and inaccuracy of reporting, ensuring that you have the best picture possible of their true nutritional intake. As a nutritionist or dietician, this means that you can have more confidence in the advice you give, as well as a robust set of data to work from to create meal plans which will have greater impact.