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Nutritics Menu and Settings

Last updated: 13th May 2024

The Menu button is available in the top right corner of the screen after logging in to Nutritics. The menu provides various support tools and account specific features such as changing your password, updating your personal details, and changing the food databases and languages of the software. Each item in the Menu is described in more detail below.


Navigating to Menu>Settings will open the settings for Nutritics. The settings menu is made up of various tabs:

Your Profile: Shows your contact information and business details that Nutritics has on file. You can edit these details from this tab. If the option is enabled on your package, you can upload a business logo or banner here to brand the reports.


  • General: Beta program access, display preferences, enabling 2 Factor Authentication, enable sliding panel animations to see smoother transitions when you click between different features, and show portion photos when using smart portions. Decide what feature will open upon log in. For example, if you primarily use Nutritics to view and analyse recipes you can choose to open on ‘My Recipes’:

  • Sales & Finance: Set default tax and profit margin rates that will across to the recipe workspace
  • Auditing: If you have our auditing feature enabled, you can switch this on by default here
  • Reports: Various options to customise your report exports. Hide ‘may contain’ allergens, client metrics, percentage intakes, completeness score or quantity breakdowns
  • Logging: Make your logging quicker. Enable single meal/day toggles for logs, use corrected METs when logging activity, separate RMR from MET values, or enable extended meal names
  • Searching: When searching for foods or recipes throughout the different features in Nutritics, you can disable photos in the search results. If you have a master account attached to yours, you can choose to only show foods with a cost attached. In search results, you can customise what monitors show for items for example, Carbs, Protein, Fats and Fibre:
  • Advanced: Decide which food code or category to show on items, set a default DRV and energy calculation source, choose various settings around recipe display. Hide system sample labels for a clearer view when working in the Label Maker

Databases: Show and customize active databases being used in your Nutritics account.

Account: Shows the Nutritics version number, licence renewal date and details of last login. You can manage your subscription, customize your package, turn off autorenewal and view past invoices here. You can also change your password, delete all client data and download your client data in .CSV format from this tab. If you wish to change your login username, please contact us directly.

Any authorised apps can be seen by clicking ‘Manage

Enable or restrict access by using the on/off toggles.

If you are a master user and have ‘site’ licences under your account you can control sharing from here. Decide whether to share custom codes, food costs, custom fields, label templates and Foodprint data along with recipes and foods. You can also lock settings for your site licences, this means they cannot access settings on their end to change account details or permissions. 

Feedback: Send us your comments, suggestions and food requests.

Ordering: This is only available if you have our food ordering feature enabled on your account. This is where you attach an outlet to set up ordering. 

Tutorial Videos

Access our tutorial videos, as well as step by step instructions on how to use each feature within Nutritics. You can also download our pdf user manual from this link

Support & Webinars

This menu item gives you access to support resources and the upcoming training webinar schedule. Support and webinars are included with all plans.

Add Features

This menu item is available if you are paying by debit or credit card. Here you can customise your Nutritics package, add or remove features, add collaborators and adjust account storage to suit your budget.

Manage Users

This menu item is available if you are an assigned administrator of user licenses for your organisation. Here you can view and manage users, set up accounts individually or in batch, adjust licence activation period and send reminders to Nutritics users in your organisation. See the Licence Management section for more information.