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Price Embedded Barcodes

Last updated: 23rd April 2024

Create price embedded barcodes in Nutritics to inform point of sales systems of product prices. 

Open a recipe and go to the ‘Products/Pack Sizes’ section. 

  • Add a sale price to a food portion beside the $ symbol: 

  • In the barcode field, enter the product barcode (beginning with ‘02’)
  • Nutritics will automatically populate the barcode’s last four digits with the sale price followed by the barcode’s check digit (e.g. 2991 is $2.99)

To add this barcode to a product label, open the label maker by navigating to the ‘Export To’ menu in the top right corner of the recipe workspace and clicking ‘Label Maker:

In the label maker, click on the ‘Weight’ field (1) and select the relevant portion size (2):

Add a barcode element to the label from the elements panel. Notice that the barcode is syncing from the recipe portion: