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Batch Export

Last updated: 22nd April 2024

Batch Export enables the download of multiple foods, logs, recipes or costs added in one file. 

This is accessed from Start>Batch Jobs>Batch Export:


This batch export is based on your client/participant group folders, but you can also select food diaries individually.

Once you have selected food diaries you wish to download from the meals/day logs tab, you can choose two output types from the dropdown at the bottom of the log list. 

1. ‘Detailed Food File’ provides a full food file, showing every food consumed by each participant complete with any custom fields included. This is useful for creating pivot tables or for data import into SPSS. 

On the ‘Detailed Food File’ option, recipes can be expanded out to their ingredient components for more comprehensive analysis on contributions at the food category level. Note this requires the diet logs to have been built using composite recipes made from specific ingredients, rather than using the average sample data provided in Standard Reference databases.

2. The ‘Daily Totals and Averages’ download will present a table showing each participant’s average intake, including standard deviation.


Choose which recipes you would like to export via their recipe group or menu. 

  1. Click a recipe group or menu to automatically highlight all recipes within that group
  2. Alternatively, tick the recipes manually based on what you want to export
  3. Choose the export format:
    • Excel: This will export your recipe data onto one excel sheet
    • PDF: This will download individual pdfs of your chosen recipes or all recipes on one pdf. 
    • QR codes: Download individual QR codes that will direct you or your customers to the recipe reports chosen.
  4. You can choose to expand the recipes and include data on the individual ingredients, include sub-recipes and/or include portion details. This allows you to analyse the individual sub components of the recipe as portions will be sorted per row when expanded. Results will also be sorted alphabetically on all types of batch exports. You can further customise the report to include ingredient quantities of subrecipes be the exact quantities used in the recipe, or by quantities per serving of recipe
  5. Download the csv file


This will download all information from your foods in batch. The foods shown on this file are those that you have added to your account. This will include foods you have copied over to your account from Nutritics databases for editing.


This will allow you to download a file including all costings attached to your foods. 


This will allow you to download a file including all client information in your account.