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Diet Analysis, Meal Planning and Sports Nutrition

Join other world leaders in sports nutrition management using Nutritics.

Effective Analysis for Optimum Results

Nutritics allows sports nutrition professionals and students to carry out in depth analysis, delivering true value to clients, athletes and academic studies. Carry out 24hr recall and capture data from food diaries. Calculate nutritional analysis, dietary intake and create effective meal plans for patients, clients and athletes. 

Our DNA is in sports nutrition and dietetics and we are proud to have helped improve client care and athlete performance with cutting edge technology for over 12 years. We’ve worked with top institutions and professionals across multiple sectors who trust Nutritics experience and highest standards.

Nutritics offers a free trial of its Performance Edition for sports professionals, and its Professional Edition for nutritionists.

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Nutritics Performance Edition for Sports Professionals

Create meal and exercise plans and reports, track client diet and exercise with Libro phone app and reduce environmental impact.

  • Calculate individual nutrition and energy requirements with the most accurate nutritional and allergen information for more than 1.5 million foods.
  • Keep track of client progress and make changes to meal plans in real-time, allowing you to tailor your nutritional and exercise recommendations to ever-changing client needs.
  • Remove manual input and handling of data with AI.
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Nutritics Professional Edition for Nutritionists

Analyse nutrition, personalise meal plans and reports, track client diet and exercise with Libro phone app, and reduced environmental impact

  • Calculate individual nutrition and energy requirements with the most accurate nutritional and allergen information for more than 1.5 million foods.
  • Keep track of client progress and make changes to meal plans in real-time, allowing you to tailor your nutritional recommendations to ever-changing patient needs.
  • Remove manual input and handling of data with AI.

Simplifying nutrition management

Nutritics offers easy to use cloud-based nutrition analysis for nutrition professionals.
  • Save Time with Automation

    Advanced automations and access to leading food data removes manual processing from nutritional management.

  • All the Features You Need

    Set custom DRVs and KPIs, automate meals plans and capture the results.

  • Detailed Analysis and Results

    Assess dietary intake, calculate nutrition requirements and compare individual intakes against national and international guidelines.

Providing Solutions for all Nutrition Professionals

Our team is made up of scientists, nutritionists and dieticians who have worked across all areas of nutrition management.

From leading sports clubs and clinics to internationally renowned institutions our platforms have become the benchmark solution.

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  • Sports Nutrition

    Bring out the best in your athletes and personal training clients. Exceed expectations while supporting your athletes’ health and well-being. Nutritics allows personal trainers and sports nutritionists to carry out in-depth nutrition analysis and create effective meal plans for their athletes and clients. Our Performance Edition of Nutritics is tailor-made for sports professionals.

  • Nutrition & Dietary Management

    Analyse diets and create effective meal plans for optimum health. Deliver true value to your clients and simplifying your day-to-day tasks. Nutritics allows nutrition professionals to carry out in-depth nutrition analysis, calculate dietary intake and create effective meal plans for patients and clients. Our Professional Edition is tailor-made for nutritionists.

  • Nutrition Research

    Automate your studies to provide accurate and convenient results. Directly added participant logs, automated calculations and comparisons to nutritional databases plus the option to export data for fuller analysis.


Manage and engineer recipes, improve food safety, and minimise environmental impact.

Recipe and menu management, Nutritics integrated all-in-one platform uses data to optimise your food business and meal planning.

  • Support compliance and accurate reporting
  • Handles all your recipes, waste and cost
  • Removes manual handling and reliance on manual data input

Easily measure, target and report on your food’s carbon and water footprint.

Food carbon footprint calculator, automatically calculates your carbon footprint score per dish.

  • Inform your sustainability strategy and improve carbon and water footprint scores
  • Use better procurement practices to reduce ingredient costs
  • Add sustainability labels to menus, packaging and promotional materials

Instantly update all guest touch points with our complete menu publishing solution.

Digital menu publishing that consolidates all recipe information providing customers with a personalised, engaging and safer experience.

  • Manage multi-site menus and price brands in one place
  • Understand your customers’ food preferences with menu analytics
  • Reduce labour, print and marketing agency costs

Making dining out more accessible for everyone.

Accessible menus making it easier for blind, visually impaired and dyslexic diners to eat out; providing an engaging and inclusive experience through web and mobile apps.

  • Discover restaurants, pubs and menus in a few screen taps
  • Provide independence for diners to browse the menu
  • Create a brilliant user experience
  • Affordable and fully integrable with your systems

Streamline your food labelling process from concept to point-of-sale.

Food labelling platform that allows you to easily create product labels inline with food law. Choose easy to use compliant label templates or build custom layouts.

  • Automatically calculates nutrition and allergens as you input data
  • World’s largest food database with the most supplier integrations
  • Save time and make it easy for your customers to make choices

Deliver a seamless meal ordering service across multiple sites centrally.

Menu food ordering systems for restaurant and healthcare businesses. One centralised platform managing multiple locations.

  • Manage all aspects of digital ordering
  • Click and collect, ordering and delivery – including patient ordering
  • Seamless experience across multiple locations

Easily create recipes with your suppliers’ data.

Nutritics supplier management, access a live database of ingredients directly from your suppliers.

  • Support accuracy and consistency with supplier data automatically updated in your account
  • Built in QA and food data analysis backed by science
  • Simple onboarding process minimises disruption to your existing recipes

Smartphone app allowing your clients to access meal plans and diet logs.

Collect and analyse food logs directly from your clients, increasing the accuracy data you use to create diet plans.

  • Easy for clients to input their food intake directly
  • Send diet logs to Nutritics in one click for analysis
  • Increase in food log accuracy

Knowledge Labs is an extension of your team, providing expert guidance and strategic support in areas your business needs it.

Knowledge Labs provides expert sustainability guidance and strategic support.

  • Gain access to seasoned food service experts.
  • Our evidence-based approach to strategy ensures enduring, practical change backed by science.
  • Make informed decisions, optimise profitability, and drive business growth with data-driven strategy.

Easily integrate over one million foods, incorporating calorie, allergen and nutrition data from official national, international and branded databases.

Easily integrate over one million foods, incorporating calorie, allergen and nutrition data.

  • Retrieve nutrient information on up to 258 parameters with access to over one million generic, branded foods and recipes.
  • Compatible with all common coding languages, the HTTP REST API’s basic authentication is done in the header.
  • Choose the information you want in the format your region needs.

Success Stories

How we’ve helped our nutrition and sport customers with our solutions and products.

Dublin Sports Clinic

Nutritics sets our nutrition offering apart from our competitors. We are a leading performance improvement facility with an outstanding and attentive team. As we continue to grow we are focused on delivering a superior well-being offering to our clients.

Aoife Gillen, Strength and Conditioning Coach
David Dunne

“It is vital, especially in sports where weight really makes a difference, that we know what athletes are putting into their bodies. Nutritics has helped me create recipes and meal plans that are tailored to an individual’s calorie and macronutrient needs.”

David Dunne, performance nutritionist
Glanbia Performance Nutrition

While I was able to make suggestions based on my athlete’s training needs and physical requirements, it was only through using Nutritics that we were able to dive deeper and uncover the real issues.

Dr Crionna Tobin, Head of Education and Nutrition
New Plymouth Nutrition

I was really satisfied with the premium support I received. It is incredible, it is quick and supportive. When having questions, being able to to send them and have them answered straight away, was a huge selling point.

Maggie Radich, Creator and Lead Dietitian
UK Sports Institute

Nutritionally, there’s a lot we need to work on but using a tool like Nutritics will help us and will help the athletes to better understand what we are trying to achieve. So I believe it gives us a competitive advantage, definitely. It has drastically improved what I can see from a habit point of view, and them preparing their own food.

Emma Gardner, Senior Performance Nutritionist
The Bespoke Nutrition Coach

Since using Nutritics my admin time has gone down, and I feel I am able to offer a better quality service in terms of diet report and meal plans to my customers. Entering three-day food diaries used to take me on average one hour per client, they now take half that time.

Helen Phandis, NHS dietician
Sport Ireland Institute

The development of Libro is a massive step forward. It was such a useful tool for us when we were working with our athlete population. The fact that you can batch import diet logs allowed us to review the data entered on a daily basis leading to better quality data and more control.

Danielle Logue, PhD student