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Grouping Recipes And Foods

Last updated: 23rd April 2024

You can categorise your recipes and foods into groups for easy data organisation and sharing to other users. 

  1. Open the item and scroll or jump to the Grouping tab. 
  2. Click on ‘+Group‘ to tag a group to your item: 

  1. Click on a group name to add an item to that group. 
  2. Items can be added to multiple groups at a time:

  1. If there are a lot of groups on your account you can use the search function to search through these. 
  2. Click ‘+New Group’ to create a new group for tagging: 

Only tagged groups will show on the recipe/food workspace. Simply click ‘x’ to remove the group from the recipe/food and refresh the page. 

Recipe groups can be viewed by clicking on ‘My Recipes‘ and then hovering over the arrow beside this tab:

Alternatively, you can click on ‘My Recipe Groups‘ in the Nutritics explorer and use the search bar to filter groups:

To share groups across to other accounts, see our guide here.