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Food Service

Supplier and operator integrations provide real-time updates for your food operations. Nutritics automates the data and calculations keeping you on top of cost, nutrition and allergen information to support your commercial and compliance goals.

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Nutritics is your one version of the truth for dish level data, align support and operations teams. One source of allergen, calorie and nutrition information with seamless labelling and menu publishing. Our latest updates provide production forecasting, waste management and carbon measurement.

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We support your responsibilities to provide accurate logs of patient nutrition, helping provide meals that are balanced and safe for those with dietary requirements in busy hospital, clinic and nursing home settings.

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Nutrition and Sport

Nutritics allows nutrition professionals to carry out in depth analysis, deliver true value to your clients and athletes. Calculate nutritional analysis, dietary intake and create effective meal plans for patients, clients and athletes.

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Draw data from a database of over one million foods, including supplements and branded data, and allow Nutritics to do the calculations for you.

Save time manually inputting foods and recipes by inviting participants to do it themselves using our mobile app, Libro, leaving you with more time to focus on interpreting study results.