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Logs & Meal Plans


  • Hiding Nutrients on a Diet Log Report

    To hide nutrients on a client’s diet log report, simply click the nutrient. This row will grey out and will not be printed or generated in the final report: This also works for groups of nutrients e.g.  you can toggle on/off all carbohydrate components by clicking the carbohydrate components heading.

    Last updated: 23rd April 2024
  • Rearranging Foods in a Meal Plan

    Meals and items in a meal plan can easily be arranged by dragging and dropping items. See the example below where the apple has been dragged from Breakfast to Lunch: You can freely drag and drop items between meals. Meal groups can also be dragged and dropped between each other to rearrange the order.

    Last updated: 24th April 2024
  • Attaching Meal Plans to Clients

    The client(s) assigned to a meal plan are shown in the toolbar at the top of the Meal Plan workspace. You can add/view clients by clicking on the dropdown: From here you can edit the master meal plan or make edits per client. Meal plans can be organised from the Tree Viewer. To access them, … Continued

    Last updated: 23rd April 2024
  • Sharing a Diet Log Report

    Diet log reports can be printed or shared from the ‘Export To‘ button at the top right of the screen.  Note that the share link is live, and any changes you make on the report will be reflected in real time, without the need to reshare or send an email again.  After ‘exporting’ the diet … Continued

    Last updated: 24th April 2024
  • Nutrient Monitors

    You can choose to monitor up to 10 nutrients when creating a meal plan by clicking the ‘Choose Monitors’ button on the top toolbar. As you work, these monitors will update in real time and will be compared against recommended target intakes (specific to the current client) at the bottom of the report.  A red … Continued

    Last updated: 25th April 2024
  • Exporting a Meal Plan

    Meal plans can be exported to a diet log or a report to assess the complete nutritional information. Simply click the ‘Export to‘ button and select ‘Report‘ from the drop down menu: You can also export a meal plan directly to a diet log if you need to make additions or edits before generating a … Continued

    Last updated: 23rd April 2024
  • Customising a Diet Log Report

    You can add quick enhancements and provide additional information on diet log reports using the fly-out button at the end of the nutrient row: Line Graph: Draws a simple line graph to illustrate intake over time. There must be data available for at least 3 days of intake for this: If activities are logged then … Continued

    Last updated: 22nd May 2024
  • Interpreting a Diet Log Report

    Diet log reports are grouped into subsections under Energy, Macronutrients, Carbohydrate Components, Lipid Components, Minerals & Trace Elements, and Vitamins.  Nutrient intake is represented by the black horizontal bars, while the target intake (Reference Nutrient Intake – RNI) is indicated by a blue line or a blue bar (if the recommendation is a range).  If … Continued

    Last updated: 22nd May 2024
  • Creating a Meal Plan

    Nutritics meal plan creator enables the creation of custom eating plans to suit your client’s health or performance based goals.  Please note that you can currently only create a single day meal plan in Nutritics. To create a multiday meal plan, you must create these as separate days.  This guide will bring you through: CREATING … Continued

    Last updated: 17th May 2024
  • Generating a Diet Log Report

    Generate client facing reports from a diet log or meal plan in Nutritics.  To generate a report, click Export to > Report in the top right of the diet log screen: By default, the report generated will be an average across the analysis period that was entered into the food log. You can customise the … Continued

    Last updated: 22nd May 2024