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Advanced Search

Last updated: 22nd April 2024

Nutritics Advanced Search is accessible from the small arrow within the search box:

Here you can search for foods within specific food categories, attached groups, databases, or search for foods that meet specific nutrition targets, foodprint scoring and/or allergen requirements.

Example 1: List fruits (1) with highest content of vitamin C (3) and less than 8g of sugar per 100g (2):

Example 2: List the best vegetarian (1) sources of protein (3) that are also high in iron (2):

You can also search for your foods and return what recipes they have been used in. For example, you wish to see what recipes your food ‘Cod Fillets’ has been used in. Click ‘Containing Ingredients’. Enter a keyword or the product code for the food and click search:

This will return any recipes or foods the item has been used in: