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Changing Databases In Nutritics

Last updated: 23rd April 2024

In Nutritics, the active database in your account is selected automatically based on your region.

If you would like to change the active database or access additional databases, you can change your settings by navigating to the Menu > Settings > Databases.

Click on the drop down menu to see the different regional databases available. We have foods from both official national databases and branded foods:

Accessing multiple databases 

If you would like to access multiple databases simultaneously, go to Menu > Settings > Databases and click on the ‘Custom Sources’ option from the country/region drop down. Enable any databases you would like to activate, this is saved automatically.

Different types of data are available, depending on the source.


This is basic nutrition information that is required for nutrition labelling.


All standard macro and micro-nutrients that are displayed in Nutritics (65 nutrients).


Includes data on amino acids, fatty acids, vitamin fractions or polyphenols (only visible on Excel exports).


Foods have categories applied to them. Foods must have a category in order to be able to apply cooking factors to them.


Allergen information has been added by Nutritics.