Recipe and food management for restaurant groups, franchises and multi-location businesses

Manage your business food data from one centralised platform, automate the process to improve accuracy and reduce time. See how it works with a platform demo.

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Nutritics gives you complete confidence in how your menus, team members and food supply chain work together to help create a profitable, efficient and compliant business.

We provide food service, hospitality, healthcare and education businesses with tools using accurate food data. This means no manual handling of specs and spreadsheets and time saving on precise food costing, menu engineering and identifying areas to improve in terms of food safety and sustainability.

Connect your supply chain with your in-house kitchen to assess how changes to foods and recipes impact profit margins, allergens, and claims across your entire estate of locations. Optimise, profit, food sustainability, and compliance, while driving repeat visits with a consistent customer experience. Nutritics enables you to share recipes, labels, and menus across your locations, giving customers the confidence that you meet their nutrient, calorie, and dietary needs. If you would like to see how it works, we offer demos with a product expert.

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Easy set up and dedicated account support

With comprehensive onboarding and training from your own customer team and product experts, you’ll receive the information and package suitable for your business needs. Premium support provides you with extended support to align with your peak business periods to provide immediate assistance when you need it most.

Our onboarding process can also incorporate your suppliers, so that you’ll be safe in the knowledge that foods are input accurately and safely, with no disruption to your existing recipes.

Seamless integration into your existing tech

Nutritics’ API integrates with a host of key platforms, internal IT systems and tech to complement and enhance your business’s capabilities, including websites, kiosks, and label printing systems. We’ll consider your existing tech stack as part of your onboarding, so that there aren’t any bumps in the road when it comes to getting you up to speed.

Real-time menu and recipe engineering

Make changes to ingredients and recipes and see their impact in real-time. From allergens to profit margins, we help you see the value of updates to your business and for your customers. Nutritics also highlights where you can make robust dietary claims, giving you more marketing angles to appeal to prospective customers.

Make food law compliance easier

With access to high-quality food data, and nutrient calculations done for you, we simplify the steps you need to take to become compliant. Automated menu publishing and labelling means you can push any updates to your customers centrally, minimising the risk of human error.

Use sustainability to your advantage

Use our fully automated carbon footprint scoring system to optimise how sustainable your menu and recipes are. Track changes to ingredients in real-time to see how they impact your rating, and publish your score on your menu to give customers a unique USP for your business.

Products for all your food data

Manage and engineer recipes, improve food safety, and minimise environmental impact.

Recipe and menu management, Nutritics integrated all-in-one platform uses data to optimise your food business and meal planning.

  • Support compliance and accurate reporting
  • Handles all your recipes, waste and cost
  • Removes manual handling and reliance on manual data input

Easily measure, target and report on your food’s carbon and water footprint.

Food carbon footprint calculator, automatically calculates your carbon footprint score per dish.

  • Inform your sustainability strategy and improve carbon and water footprint scores
  • Use better procurement practices to reduce ingredient costs
  • Add sustainability labels to menus, packaging and promotional materials

Instantly update all guest touch points with our complete menu publishing solution.

Digital menu publishing that consolidates all recipe information providing customers with a personalised, engaging and safer experience.

  • Manage multi-site menus and price brands in one place
  • Understand your customers’ food preferences with menu analytics
  • Reduce labour, print and marketing agency costs

Making dining out more accessible for everyone.

Accessible menus making it easier for blind, visually impaired and dyslexic diners to eat out; providing an engaging and inclusive experience through web and mobile apps.

  • Discover restaurants, pubs and menus in a few screen taps
  • Provide independence for diners to browse the menu
  • Create a brilliant user experience
  • Affordable and fully integrable with your systems

Streamline your food labelling process from concept to point-of-sale.

Food labelling platform that allows you to easily create product labels inline with food law. Choose easy to use compliant label templates or build custom layouts.

  • Automatically calculates nutrition and allergens as you input data
  • World’s largest food database with the most supplier integrations
  • Save time and make it easy for your customers to make choices

Deliver a seamless meal ordering service across multiple sites centrally.

Menu food ordering systems for restaurant and healthcare businesses. One centralised platform managing multiple locations.

  • Manage all aspects of digital ordering
  • Click and collect, ordering and delivery – including patient ordering
  • Seamless experience across multiple locations

Easily create recipes with your suppliers’ data.

Nutritics supplier management, access a live database of ingredients directly from your suppliers.

  • Support accuracy and consistency with supplier data automatically updated in your account
  • Built in QA and food data analysis backed by science
  • Simple onboarding process minimises disruption to your existing recipes

Success Stories

Nutritics has helped multi-site and multiple location businesses and their customers globally. Here’s how our customers have increased profits, reduced costs and used a consistent customer experience to scale.


With our new digital menu processes, we can have 100% confidence in the allergen data we publish both online and in our restaurants. This creates a much safer environment for our guests. Internally, it’s been a huge time-saver, removing a series of manual processes that were once needed to update our menus.

Emma Paintin, Digital Project Manager

As Nutritics has a number of location-specific databases, we are able to access an entirely different US database to assist in our American menu development. For our Food Team in particular, this is making the transition a lot easier.

Anca Ghitescu, Technical Manager
Fable Food Co

It’s user-friendly, and I can play with all the layouts and settings. We have everything we need for the labels, right there. It’s easy to stay on brand for Fable while also meeting all the labelling requirements for each country.

Monica Wen, Operations Manager
Holroyd Howe

The automated element of Nutritics software helps us take away some risk, particularly around the substitution process. We know that will be flagged to us and can then be managed to keep students informed and safe.

Amy Roberts, Managing Director of Operations
Lewisham Hospital

Nutritics provides better insights on where to focus on with a patient and gives much more powerful and targeted advice. We look forward to continuing to leverage their software to provide the best possible service to our patients.

Jennifer Robison, Specialist Adult and Paediatric Cystic Fibrosis Dietitian
Barts Health NHS Trust

It’s really important to be able to use different energy and protein requirements as a lot of my patients require specific calculations. I find the portions really useful. When I have shown colleagues who have been used to the other software out there, they have been surprised how quick and easy it is to enter three days for analysis.

Joanna Berry, specialist paediatric dietician

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