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Nutritics is your all-in-one menu management software solution to optimise food data in your business. Save time, save money, reduce waste and contribute to a greener planet.

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Automated, compliant

and highly integrable

Nutritics supports your goals to be safer, profitable and compliant

Menu engineering is in our DNA. Our automated software makes information on nutrition and allergens transparent for you and consumers.

Nutritics makes it easy to manage menus, costs, and waste with central management and site level access providing one version of truth for dish level data. Nutritics does it all — in one affordable, integrated platform.

Monitor and Increase Profit

With Nutritics’ menu management solution, you can generate cost reports, calculate cost-per-serving and get an RRP for dishes based on your desired profit margin and tax rate. Calculating serving sizes more effectively helps to reduce waste and ultimately saves your business time and money.

Improve Business Efficiency

Significantly reduce the time taken to gather, collate and monitor recipe information; helping you manage your organisation’s changing menus in one place. Batch import and export data across your numerous sites.

Add unlimited user seats, menu display or label printing sites. Employees can move across locations and maintain recipe management processes without new training, meaning your customers get a consistent menu experience, no matter which location they’re dining at.

Compliance Support

Nutritics simplifies and supports your compliance with food regulations. Transparent information about food means you can capitalise on an increased consumer demand for clear and accurate food claims.

Comprehensive Food Databases

Manage recipes using Nutritics’ database of over one million ingredients which have been added by our expert dietitian team. Using worldwide databases alongside branded databases and user-requested foods gives us greater coverage of the ingredients you use, saving you manual labour hours.

Science-backed Food Claims

Nutritics’ software shows nutrition and health claims only when your recipe meets the legal conditions necessary. This ensures that you don’t make unsubstantiated claims about your dishes, so you can upsell with confidence.

Be Compliant with Allergen Laws

Using a software solution like Nutritics removes the risk of human error by automating the ingredient inputting process and ensuring you are compliant with regulations such as “Natasha’s Law”. Any changes to ingredients from your suppliers are automatically captured in the software and flagged to you.

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Success Stories

With Nutritics, we’ve helped businesses globally to engineer and manage their menus, increase profits and reduce their impact on the environment.


As Nutritics has a number of location-specific databases, we are able to access an entirely different US database to assist in our American menu development. For our Food Team in particular, this is making the transition a lot easier.

Anca Ghitescu, Technical Manager
Foodco Group

The software enables us to be nimbler when complying with Australian standards to have all nutritional information visible and available to customers. From turning around nutritionals on a new recipe fast to updating necessary changes to nutritionals that may arise from recipes changing due to product supply issues.

Shane Middleton, Food Development Specialist
Esquires Coffee

87% of our customers noted that having our allergen and nutrition information available would positively influence their decision to choose us compared to a nearby competitor.

Aiden Keegan, National Operations Manager
Metz Culinary Management

Guests and clients are able to see pictures of the menu items and they know straight away what is in the menu item and set their diet and allergen preferences.

Brian Bachman, Vice President of Purchasing

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nutritics offer a free trial?

Yes absolutely – we offer a hands-on free 7-day trial so you can see for yourself how we can help you solve the food data challenges you face as a business. You can sign up here.

Does this comply with the new calorie legislation?

Yes! In fact Nutritics is the only EUROFIR Gold standard accredited recipe management tool, this means there isn’t a more accurate software for calculating Nutritional values. Our methodology differs from many other tools on the market, in that we can accurately account for weight changes during cooking and how the fat is absorbed through multiple cooking methods.

How can I manage recipe costs?

We provide a live link to your suppliers, so you can be certain that all of your products have the true cost you pay attached to them. Once you start building a recipe, Nutritics will automatically produce a true cost of production, for all food and non-food products included, whilst also taking into account elements like waste and staff costs.

How do I keep customers with allergies safe?

We scan and check all of the data that your suppliers provide you, using AI, machine learning and big data techniques to ensure that the information going into your recipes is correct.

Once you’re confident and you build out your menus, allergens are automatically highlighted and a live allergen matrix is produced which can be used both front and back of house, with custom branding.

We know that supply chains are tricky nowadays with more and more ad hoc substitutions, but the second you make changes to a recipe, all of your labels, recipes and menus etc. automatically update, so you can be sure that you won’t forget to update certain things.

How long does it take to get up and running?

This depends on a few different factors such as how many recipes your business has, how many suppliers and SKUs you may have in your product catalogues etc. but our average onboarding time frames are 8-12 weeks.

Can I share recipe specs with different locations?

Certainly, Nutritics works best when it’s connected to your locations! You can maintain control across the business by centrally creating recipes and sharing them out to your sites and restricting edit access, or if you want to, you can give the locations the ability to produce their own recipes, or copy yours and make regional variations.

Awards & Recognition

EuroFIR Gold Standard Certification for recipe management process


United Nations Global Compact Participant


Tech 4 Good – Sustainability Award


Outstanding Achievement in International Growth Award