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Reviewing and Entering Items

Last updated: 22nd May 2024

In addition to the search functionality, a number of additional features have been implemented to assist with accurate food/activity selection. 

Clicking on a food from the search results will open a summary box detailing the International Food Code, category, macronutrient content (per 100g) and estimated kcal distribution (in percentage). The nutrients displayed here can be customised from Settings > Preferences.

Similarly, clicking an activity from the list of results will show category and kcal/kJ expenditure per hour:

Hovering the mouse over a search item will show additional descriptive information such as the database source, ID number and number of data points sampled, where available.

Click the ‘i’ button to open up the detailed profile of the food in a new tab within Nutritics  

Once you have reviewed a food/ activity and are satisfied it is appropriate, click the insert button to add it to the open workspace.