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GoodFoodTalks makes it easy for visually impaired diners to eat out at thousands of UK restaurants by providing accessible menus on our website and mobile apps. The platform also allows better accessibility to your guests with dyslexia.

Accessible, centralised

and easy to set up.

Making dining out more accessible to everyone

Two million diners in the UK suffer from some level of site loss that can significantly impair their dining experience. Without a solution, visually impaired diners feel a lack of independence, struggle to find dish and allergen information and require a greater amount of attention from staff to order. 

GoodFoodTalks (GFT) is simple and effective, allowing visually impaired diners to find venues and menus quickly and easily. It provides a simple platform to navigate menus independently and discover all the fantastic dishes you’ve created. A great experience like this drives new customers and increases loyalty.

An Equal Experience

Extend your hospitality to provide visually impaired diners with an enhanced, equal and accessible brand experience. 

Manage Multiple Sites

Deliver a seamless experience across all your brands and locations. 

Simple Set Up

GFT can be set up quickly, supported by our customer experience team and comprehensive resource centre. Use TenKites? Then most of the work is already done. 

How Does it Work?

Built with a lifetime of lived experience, the GFT technology integrates with the accessibility settings of mobile devices to offer a solution the device alone can not do.

Set The Standard

Be a pioneer, do good and set the standard in the hospitality industry. Providing a good and inclusive service sets you apart from competitors and attracts more customers.

Matt Wadsworth, founder of Good Food Talks who is also visually impaired, listens to his phone that is reading out the menu. A waiter with a notepad and pen waits to hear Matt's order. Diners enjoying food at restaurant Customer using phone Customer using Good Food Talks' app on their phone

Awards & Recognition

EuroFIR Gold Standard Certification for recipe management process


United Nations Global Compact Participant


Tech 4 Good – Sustainability Award


Outstanding Achievement in International Growth Award