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Importing/Updating Clients in Bulk

Last updated: 24th April 2024

Upload your clients to Nutritics in bulk using the batch import tool (please note this is a premium feature).

  • Click ‘Start’ in the top left corner of the screen
  • Click ‘Batch Jobs‘ under the Input/Output heading:

  • Choose ‘Batch Import‘ and download the clients import template:

  • Fill in the template. Please note: to update existing clients add their client ID into the ‘system ID’ column. To see a client ID, hover over the client’s name in your list of clients in Nutritics:

Alternatively, batch export your client list in the ‘batch export’ tab. The ‘id’ column contains your clients’ system IDs and these can be copied and pasted into the import template.

  • Go back to batch jobs and upload the file