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Recipe Cost Optimisation

Last updated: 23rd April 2024

If you have our costing tool you can use Nutritics to analyse and improve costs for your recipes. The cost of each ingredient is listed beside the quantity box in a recipe. 

This is input initially by the user and attached to the food for all recipes. Alternatively, it is uploaded in batch from excel (this feature is currently only available on Premium plans). 

It is easy to identify high cost ingredients and dishes, and swap them out for more cost effective alternatives. It is also useful to view what costs are missing for your ingredients. 

The cost tables are accessed via Start > Inventory & Costs:

Depending on your plan, you can download costs for ingredients per recipe, menu or meal plan. Identify your most expensive ingredients and recipes in the data collated and swap out where necessary.

  1. Find the recipes/menus/meal plans you would like to analyse
  2. Choose the individual items and quantities of servings
  3. Toggle on elements to include in the download e.g. you can include an additional forecasting table or production steps
  4. Organise the export by recipe, supplier, category or a custom field if used
  5. Select the type of export you would like to create e.g. report, live share link, PDF, send to print or excel, and click Go

You can then view your export with all inventory and costs included: