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Adding Custom Fields

Last updated: 17th May 2024

Custom fields can be used to tag custom data to foods and recipes e.g time/location of consumption, brand, supplier name, preparation method. 

Please note this is a premium feature.


To attach custom fields to a food, open the food, scroll to the custom fields box and click ‘+New‘.

Alternatively, open a diet log or recipe containing the food. Click on the food quantity and then click on the ‘Custom Fields‘ tab:

Here, a custom field can be attached to the food on this input only or to the food itself. A custom field should be attached on this input only e.g when fields for date, time, or most drop down type fields are being used. These would usually be required as variable fields so they can be set for each recipe individually.

A custom field should be attached to a food where the data entered is not variable. In other words, when you want the information to be recalled each time the food is used automatically e.g if you are tagging the country of origin or shelf life or other property to the specific ingredient or food. 

Use the form builder to create any type of custom field for the log.

  • Text: Suitable for free text entry to a food diary
  • Number: This field will only allow data in numeric format
  • Dropdown: You can set up a drop down list for selection during logging. Type a list of options for your dropdown, separated by commas (eg. Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Dinner, Evening Snack)
  • Checkbox: Enables a checkbox on the food diary (useful to verify peer review, for food diary entry, for example)
  • Date: This field will only allow data in date format (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • Time: This field will only allow data in time format (24hr clock)
  • Nutrient: This field is useful for adding custom nutrients to a food diary. For example, fortified folic acid or B12 added to a product


To attach custom fields to a recipe, open the recipe, scroll to the Modifiers & Properties heading and click ‘New Field‘: