Real-time nutrition data for your app, program or website

Easily integrate over one million foods, incorporating calorie, allergen and nutrition data from official national, international and branded databases for multiple regions.

Seamlessly expand your platform capability

Our API allows you to use the power of Nutritics in your platform’s backend. Combine fast response times and trustworthy server uptimes, with the ability to order search results by food popularity, allergen, diet types and suppliers.

Utilising the world’s largest, specialised food database, you can benefit from automated processes and instant results, enabling you to engineer food and recipes, retrieve allergen information and generate compliant food labels.

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Access a rich database of food data

Retrieve nutrient information on up to 258 parameters with access to over one million generic, branded foods and recipes. Analyse recipes and meal plans from your own platform while generating meal plans using the information you’ve pulled to ensure they’re compliant and nutritionally balanced for your end user.

Standards compliant and easy to code

Compatible with all common coding languages, the HTTP REST API’s basic authentication is done in the header, and supports both HTTP GET and HTTP POST methods and returns JSON format results.

Total control and regional compliance

Choose the information you want in the format your region needs. From EU, US, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa optimised good labels, to measurement quantities accepted in g, kg, lb, oz, st, ml, l, floz, pt, qt and gl, you’ll have the tools to help you become compliant and that make sense for your region.