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Scheduling Menus

21st Dec 2017

To schedule menus to go live in advance, open a menu and click on the settings icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Click on the publishing tab and select ‘publish on scheduled dates’ from the dropdown menu. 

First, specify the time that you would like the menu to be live each day e.g a breakfast menu might run from 9-11am. 

This is optional and if the menu should be live all day, leave this blank. 

To set start and end time, click on a time field to open a clock. First select the hour and then select the minutes. Switch from am to pm using the slider and tick to confirm the time. 

Next select the days of the week the menu will be live. At least one day must be selected e.g. if your menu should be live next Monday, tick ‘M’ for Monday. If your menu should be live at the weekend, tick ‘S’ for Saturday and ‘S’ for Sunday.

Specify if your menu should repeat - this section is optional and if your menu should only be live once, this can be left blank. If your menu does repeat, click on the tick icon and specify how often your menu repeats e.g a weekend menu would repeat every 1 week, a daily menu that’s part of a 3 week menu cycle would repeat every 3 weeks. 

Finally add an option start and end date. For example, a spring menu might run every week from February to May. 

Click apply to save your settings and an orange banner will appear summarising your menu settings.

Schedules can be saved as templates and reused on other menus by clicking 'save as'.

Live menus have an orange circle beside the menu title in the Nutritics explorer and on the the digital button in the menu workspace.

Worked Examples

Sample 1 - Publish a menu over a range of dates 

e.g. Morning breakfast menu, live every Mon-Fri throughout January 

 Sample 2 - Publish a menu on a recurring cycle

e.g A Monday menu on a 3 week cycle 

 Sample 3 - Publish a menu as a once off (not recurring)

e.g. Valentine's Day à la carte menu

Sample 4 - Publish a menu on recurring days of the week

e.g. Weekend brunch menu, repeating every weekend