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Publishing a Menu to Libro

21st Dec 2017

Libro is an app designed to track diet, exercise and lifestyle goals. Libro users log their diet and exercise on the app and receive analysis reports and feedback from their nutrition professional directly to their phone.

Libro users log what they eat by choosing items from our extensive database of foods and recipes. Users can also choose to browse and log menu items from restaurants in their area.

If you have the foodservice edition of Nutritics and would like to publish your menu so it is available to Libro users, follow the steps below:

  1. In your Nutritics account, navigate to the menu in the top right corner of the screen and click on ‘settings’.

  2. In the ‘your profile’ tab, click ‘attach an outlet’. Please note only one outlet can be attached to each Nutritics account. If you have multiple locations and would like more than one to appear in Libro, you will need a Nutritics account for each location that you would like to appear in the app. If you need more outlets, contact our sales team.

  3. Type the name or address of your outlet into the search bar. Select your outlet from the search results.

  4. Upload your company logo under the ‘attach an outlet’ heading as this will appear in Libro.

  5. Create a menu and make it live. We have separate guides on creating menus here and on digital menus here.

    Pro tips:

    • You should ensure that you have prices and pictures for all menu items.

    • Try and add various portion sizes under one recipe for the best experience for your customers. For example, small/medium/large fries should be portions in under one food/recipe instead of having different recipe for each portion size.

  6. When Libro users log in near your outlet, they will be able to browse through your menu and add items to their food diary.