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Creating a Client

28th Jan 2019

After you log in, click the plus button in panel 1 to set up a new client, or alternatively, click button in panel 1 to set up a new client, or alternatively, click and press ‘New Client’. A sub panel will then expand so you can input the client’s personal details, activity level, contact details and any other notes about your client. Fill in any details you wish to save.  Weight and height related fields may be entered in any format by simply typing your preferred units in the box, if no unit of measure is typed then the default units are used for your region (meters and kg on metric setting, ft and lbs on imperial setting). The imperial / metric setting may be changed from Menu>Settings>Preferences.

Multiple clients can be set up at once using the batch import  tool. Click start, then Import/Export and select the 'Clients' option to download the batch import spreadsheet for completion. Once completed, upload the spreadsheet and client list will be updated. 

Grouping Clients:

A client can be sorted into groups for easy retrieval, sorting and batch analysis later. 

Click the Add Group button in client panel 2, below the client’s biometric details, then type the desired group name in the pop up box. 

Client’s can be added to multiple groups. Filter your client groups using the small icon at the top of the client list  (panel 1).

Selecting a group will filter clients by that group. Right click on a group to rename it or move it from your account altogether.