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food labels

Label Magic

19th Jul 2018

Labels can be printed in bulk using the LabelMagic app. This is useful where recipes and labels are developed e.g. at a head office level, and printed by staff on site. 

LabelMagic is accessed from the start menu under the input/output heading. 

Click on the url or scan the QR code to open the LabelMagic app on a tablet, laptop or mobile.

All recipes will be displayed in a tile format. The number of labels created for a recipe is displayed in the top corner of the recipe tile.

Click on the tabs at the top of the screen to filter by recipe groups.

Click on a recipe to see the available labels.

Labels created by you are shown at the top while label templates are shown underneath.

Select the label style that you would like to print. 

Specify the preparation date of the product and if the label bears a use by, best before or sell by date this will update automatically.

Select the desired number of copies and hit ‘print’.