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Accessing Your Menus

14th Jan 2018

Menu Access:  

  • Intended for display on an on-site kiosk or table side tablet / menu.

  • Access by entering the URL on any device.

  • Allows staff to select the appropriate menu before handing the tablet to the customer, or you can allow customers to browse all menu types (eg.Early bird, á la carte, specials).
  • Does not require internet access after initial load (but changes to your recipes won’t sync until internet access is recovered).

QR Code:

  • Intended for display on customers own smartphone devices.

  • Accessed by customer by scanning a barcode which can be printed / stuck onto your printed menus, or printed as a ‘tent’ display for the table (or any other location).

  • Generate your QR code from Start>Digital Menus within Nutritics.

  • Allows customers to browse your menu even if they are not ‘on-site’.

Direct Access:

  • Intended for display on any device – provides access to one specific menu only.

  • Most useful for enhancing your website online – simply add the direct access link to your website to provide instant access to an interactive menu.

  • Copy and paste the access link from the settings within ‘My Menus’ in Nutritics anywhere.