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Sharing and Collaboration

18th Jan 2019

Clients, recipes, and foods can be shared with other Nutritics users. Look for the sharing and collaborators feature, located both on the client set up panel, and on your foods and recipe workspaces, just below the pie chart at the top of the screen.

Type a Nutritics username or email address to enable sharing with the user. If your licences are part of an organisation or group, you will see all users of the organisation when you click ‘add user’. You can also choose to share with all account holders within the organisation. You will have the option to share with read only or read & write privileges after adding a collaborator. Items that are shared with you have an inbound arrow indicated in red, and a yellow bar within the record / workspace will be shown:

Items that you are sharing with other users are indicated  with an out bound arrow on the record icon: