LIBRO Food Diary & Nutritional Analysis App

App for Dietitians & Nutritionists

(In Development)

LIBRO helps your clients to keep track of their health & lifestyle goals. With one click, you can invite clients to record their daily food intake and exercise.

All information logged in LIBRO can be imported back into Nutritics for analysis and review. No more manual logging!

As the app is currently in development, we would love for you to test it!

Let us know your feedback so we can make working with LIBRO the best experience possible for you and your clients! Simply get in tough at

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Connect more efficiently with clients

Save time by inviting clients to log their own food, exercise, sleep and much more - no more manual data entry!

Accurate & reliable data

Ensure most reliable data in minimal time. Built-in portion size pictures and a smart assistant help clients to accurately estimate food intake and activity.

Tailor for success

Customise the app setup for each client, helping them to achieve their specific health and performance goals more effectively.

Libro is included free with all Nutritics plans
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