Adjusting Expiry Dates on the Licence Management Platform

Expiry dates for educational licences are set to expire at the end of September by default. You can change a licence’s expiry date by adjusting the month and/or year in the ‘expiry’ column dropdown. 

Adjusting Expiry Dates on the Licence Management Platform

To reclaim a licence, simply set this expiry date to a year in the past, and a new licence slot will become available for redistribution. Once a licence has been expired for more than 1 year, it will be archived into a folder at the bottom of your user list. Click this folder to view archived users and to reactivate an expired account if necessary. 

Using an invite code to set licence expiry

You can create an invite code and allow new users to sign up with a specific expiry date.

  1. Click on 'Org Settings' and create a new invite code
  2. Specify who can use the code and when the code should expire 
  3. Specify when the licence using the code should expire:
Adjusting Expiry Dates on the Licence Management Platform

The new user can then register via your sign up URL using the code. Their licence expiry date will be the date decided in the code settings.

You can also use this method to reactivate an expired licence with a specific expiry date. 

  1. Create an invite code using the steps above 
  2. User should re-enter their pre-existing details and the new code on your sign up URL link 
  3. Users will be prompted to move across to your organisation
  4. This will reactivate their expired licence and update their expiry date in line with the code settings

Please note that a licence must be new or expired to use the above method. This will not work on active accounts.