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Centralised Food Ordering System

Manage click & collect, delivery and ordering for restaurants and healthcare, from one centralised platform across multiple locations.

Automated ordering, centralised

and easy to set up.

Simplify your food ordering processes

Manage food ordering through one simple solution with no need for in-house training, providing accurate and reliable information directly to customers and patients on a tablet, online or via QR code.

Changes made to your recipes and menu items are automatically updated in real time with detailed allergen, calorie and pricing information. Push these changes to your menus at the press of a button, cutting down on labour time and the potential for human error.

Manage Multiple Sites

Deliver a seamless ordering experience across multiple healthcare or restaurant locations. Changes to your menu items are updated in real-time from one centralised dashboard, ensuring accurate food information and a consistent experience across your business.

Increase Revenue and Reduce Costs

Generate more click & collect orders and delivery revenue without having to increase in-house capacity. Integrates seamlessly with your website and social media to allow for further reach online.

Reduce the need for paper menus, print-outs and admin, freeing up your team to concentrate on providing high-quality customer service and care.

One Central Dashboard

Manage all of your orders on a dedicated dashboard and drive efficiency in your business. View your order details, customers and delivery locations in one place, with the ability to print order dockets.

Enhanced Customer and Patient Experience

Give customers and clients a direct line to your kitchen by ordering on their phone, tablet or through a QR code, reducing the need for your team to take orders manually.

Simple Setup

Nutritics’ digital ordering system  is easy to set up and is supported by our customer experience team, training and our comprehensive resource centre.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Restaurant Ordering

Can it handle payments?

Yes, we work with Stripe connect, to seamlessly handle all of your payments.

Will it communicate with other systems?

Nutritics is built around an open API structure, this means that we can provide access to any third party platform, which will allow you to exchange data with whatever system you need to, such as ERP’s, POS, Inventory etc.

How often do I need to update the menus?

They will all update live, as soon as you change a recipe, so there is no need to worry about the admin time.

You can even automate weekly, seasonal or any other variation of menu cycles, so you can build your menus as far in advance as you like, to free up more time elsewhere.

Can you do click and collect?

We do! Your customers will be able to order by: click & collect, to a table, for a delivery or even advance orders so parents can order their children’s meals weeks in advance – A very powerful tool that allows you to reduce food waste by accurately managing stock levels.

What happens if an ingredient changes?

Nothing at all. As soon as you accept the ingredient change, all of your menus will automatically update to prevent any operational oversights, protecting you from risk.

How are allergens & other preferences handled?

Allergies and dietary preferences can be set on the menu and all unsuitable items will be immediately hidden. These preferences, along with optional text notes are then clearly flagged on the kitchen order docket to avoid any cross-contamination.

Frequently Asked Questions – Patient Ordering

How do you take orders?

This can be done by either ward staff or by patients directly on any web enabled device, such as tablet computers, mobile phones or pre-existing patient entertainment devices.

We cater for clinically vulnerable patients, is this system suitable?

Yes, our unique interface will automatically exclude unsuitable meal choices from patients that have special dietary requirements, filters include the likes of: texture grading, allergens, low/high calorie choices, low sodium renal friendly diets and many more.

One of the great benefits of this (outside of protecting patients’ wellbeing and promoting cathartic effects of meal choices), patients will never see options that are not suitable for them, preventing disappointment and promoting higher satisfaction with catering choices.

Can the dietician team review recipes from the catering team?

This is actively encouraged as part of the platform. In many cases meal ordering systems need to be manually reviewed by dietician experts, but with Nutritics there is a dedicated licence that allows this to be done automatically and seamlessly, significantly reducing the cost and time constraints of producing new menus.

Is this a clinical or commercial tool?

Both. Nutritics helps to keep your patients safe and happy, whilst also allowing you to reduce operational inefficiencies, manage recipe costs, reduce waste and provide a clinically sound yet delicious food offering.

Our menus change weekly, how much work is involved in this?

They will all update live, as soon as you change a recipe, so there is no need to worry about the admin time.

You can even automate weekly, seasonal or any other variations of menu cycles, so you can build your menus as far in advance as you like, to free up more time elsewhere.

Success Stories

With Quickdish, we’ve helped businesses globally to simplify their food ordering and menu update processes.


With our new digital menu processes, we can have 100% confidence in the allergen data we publish both online and in our restaurants. This creates a much safer environment for our guests. Internally, it’s been a huge time-saver, removing a series of manual processes that were once needed to update our menus.

Emma Paintin, Digital Project Manager
Lewisham Hospital

Nutritics provides better insights on where to focus on with a patient and gives much more powerful and targeted advice. We look forward to continuing to leverage their software to provide the best possible service to our patients.

Jennifer Robison, Specialist Adult and Paediatric Cystic Fibrosis Dietitian

As Nutritics has a number of location-specific databases, we are able to access an entirely different US database to assist in our American menu development. For our Food Team in particular, this is making the transition a lot easier.

Anca Ghitescu, Technical Manager
Barts Health NHS Trust

It’s really important to be able to use different energy and protein requirements as a lot of my patients require specific calculations. I find the portions really useful. When I have shown colleagues who have been used to the other software out there, they have been surprised how quick and easy it is to enter three days for analysis.

Joanna Berry, specialist paediatric dietician
Metz Culinary Management

Guests and clients are able to see pictures of the menu items and they know straight away what is in the menu item and set their diet and allergen preferences.

Brian Bachman, Vice President of Purchasing

Awards & Recognition

EuroFIR Gold Standard Certification for recipe management process


United Nations Global Compact Participant


Tech 4 Good – Sustainability Award


Outstanding Achievement in International Growth Award