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Adding a Recipe to Libro

1. On the homescreen, click on the fork and knife icon
2. Click on the ‘My Recipes’ tab

3. Click the ‘+ Create a recipe’ button.

4.  Enter the recipe name and description with any additional information (e.g. recipe source, web link, searchable keywords, etc.)

Adding a Recipe to Libro

5. Add a photo from a folder or from the camera.

6. Choose a category for your recipe by clicking the ‘category’ button above the recipe photo.

7. Click on ‘+ Add Ingredients’ to search and add ingredients.

8. Search for a food by entering a keyword into the search bar.

9. Select the orange plus button to select that ingredient and specify the quantity of the ingredient used in your recipe.

10. Click on the flame icon to the right of the ingredient quantity to set the cooking method for that ingredient.

Adding a Recipe to Libro

11. Click the tick icon once you have selected your ingredient quantity and cooking method.

12. Repeat steps 9-12 for each ingredient and click ‘back to recipe’ once you have added all ingredients.

13. Enter the number of portions this recipe serves.

14. You can select properties for your recipe, for example, if it’s vegetarian or gluten-free.

15. Add any cooking instructions and notes for your recipe in the free text box.

16. Review the allergen information to ensure it is correct.

17. Add properties to your recipe as appropriate e.g. vegetarian or gluten-free by clicking on the properties icon.

18. Click on the orange tick to save your recipe.