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Ingredient List Management

23rd Dec 2017 A recipe’s QUID or ingredient list is generated automatically in Nutritics based on the ingredients in the recipe. 

 Managing ingredient lists on the food level

Ingredient lists are added on a food level by opening the food and clicking on the pencil icon beside the ‘Ingredient List’ heading and typing/copying and pasting the ingredient list into the text box. 

For a full guide on adding a food to the database (including adding the ingredient list), see here

 Managing ingredient lists on the recipe level

You can also easily manage the ingredient list of any food in a recipe in the recipe workspace. Any changes made will update the recipe’s ingredient list automatically. To do this: 
  • Click on the ingredient quantity 
  • Select the custom fields tab 
  • Click the button beside ‘Ingredient list for this food’ 

  • If an ingredient list has already been added to the food, it will be visible here, otherwise copy and paste/type one in 
  • If the food is a single ingredient item e.g. olive oil, click on the tick icon and the food name will populate as the ingredient list (an ingredient list is not required for single ingredient items where the name of the food is identical to the ingredient name or the name of the food clearly identifies the nature of the food)
  • Nutritics will automatically include the disclaimer to see allergens in CAPS & bold, as well as listing the may contains allergens
  • Click scan for allergens - detected allergens will be highlighted 
Pro tip: You can change how the allergens are formatted by going to the main menu by clicking on the cog icon in the top right corner of the screen > settings > preferences > scroll to the advanced section and choose your preference from the dropdown beside ‘Ingredient list allergen format’. 

  • Click update 
  • The ingredient list can be further customised in the custom fields tab e.g. The percentage that appears after the ingredient name in the ingredient list can be removed by ticking ‘Hide % in ingr. List’ 

  • You can choose to hide all QUID percentages across your recipes in Settings>Preferences also. This will prevent the need to do them individually

  • If desired, change how the ingredient name appears in the ingredient list by typing directly into the ‘short name’ field in the custom fields tab 

  • Scroll down to the QUID heading in the recipe workspace to see changes 

 Updating an ingredient list on a product label

Any changes made to a recipe ingredient list will pull through automatically to labels made for that recipe.