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Nutritics professional Nutrition Software for Hospitals & Clinics


Nutrition Software for Hospitals & Clinics

Meet your patients’ medical needs and help them with long-term dietary management. Increase workflow efficiency and cut costs to make sure your department stays within budget. Nutritics equips you with all the tools you need to provide in-depth nutritional analysis and assists with managing conditions including diabetes, obesity, renal disease and hyperlipidemia.

  • Scientific data you can trust

  • Higher quality of patient care

  • Support every step of the way

Quick & accurate nutrition analysis

Easily manage your caseload - even under time pressure!

Diet Analysis

Assess dietary intake of up to 258 nutrients including vitamins, minerals and glycemic load

Meal Planning

Create meal plans using our database of over 800,000 foods including supplements and clinical feeds

Recipe Analysis

Analyse recipes before adding them to meal plans. Automatically calculate allergen and calorie information in line with legislation

Meal Ordering System

Connects the dietetic department, catering department and ward staff to the patient (more info below)

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Automated workflows for higher quality of care

Get back to what you love the most - spending time with patients!

Customise dietary requirements

Generate evidence-based reports using custom dietary reference values or the latest national and international dietary guidelines

Improve efficiency

See more patients in less time. Collaborate effectively across departments, including your catering team. Integrate with other IT systems

Reduce Cost

Determine recipe cost per portion and use the compare tool to find cheaper & healthier ingredients

We recently implemented Nutritics at 9 hospitals for catering and dietetic services within the HSE. The team at Nutritics have been
amazing in roll out and support, and the system has proven
to be a fantastic investment.

Breda O Riordan, Business Manager, South / South-West Hospital Group

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Patient Meal Ordering System

Enrich the patient experience and minimise the risk of malnutrition or
allergen exposure through multiple layers of meal screening
  • Enhanced ordering efficiency
    Close the loop between order and service with smarter ordering,
    including provision store stock and drinks with meals
  • Improved information accessibility
    Automate the gathering, collating and managing of order
    information, both in the pantry and kitchen
  • Increased patient satisfaction
    Monitor detailed food waste and adjust menus based on
    consumption and cost to increase patient satisfaction
  • Optimised forecasting data
    Review orders based on user defined inputs, e.g. orders on a
    particular day or series of days for menu planning purposes
  • Consistent master data
    Develop a standardised recipe culture with one version of product
    and menu data to feed your onsite multi-channel environment
  • Advanced filter options
    Set up filters to meet specific nutrition, fortification, IDSSI and
    allergen requirements, or based on patient number or bed number
  • Have a look at a sample menu here

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Libro - Mobile App for Dietitians

Empower your patients to create healthier habits

Connect with patients

Save time by inviting patients to log their own food, exercise, sleep and much more - no more manual data entry! Import to Nutritics with one click!

Smarter & more reliable

Built-in portion size photographs and a smart assistant help patients to accurately estimate food intake and activity in minimal time.

Tailor for success

Customise the app setup for each patient, helping them to achieve their daily dietary requirements or specific health goals more effectively.

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