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  • Recipe & Menu Management
    Plan recipes & menus using our vast database of foods. Automatically calculate nutrition, calories & allergens

  • Diet & Activity Analysis
    Assess dietary intake of up to 258 nutrients including macros, vitamins & minerals. Choose from over 850 exercises to create energy expenditure & balance reports

  • Meal Plans 
    Create meal plans using our database of over 800,000 foods, including supplements and branded data

  • Customisable Programs
    Schedule events, send articles, videos, meal plans, recipes and more. Share to clients’ phone with one click

  • Food Label Maker
    Design and print food labels that provide nutrition and allergen information to comply with legal requirements

  • Cost, Profit & Waste Calculator
    Increase profit and efficiency by automating cost calculations and monitoring waste

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Nutritics gives me backup - it's like having another colleague. Maggie Radich
Founder & Lead Dietitian, New Plymouth Nutrition