Nutritics Food manager Food Product Development & Recipe Costing Software


Your Recipe Development Toolkit

Generate Compliant Front of Pack & Back of Pack Labelling

Effortless Insight

Nutrition, Allergens, Costs, RRP, Ingredient declaration, Traffic lights and Health Claims are automaticallyflagged as you create your recipes.


Our reformulation engine suggests advanced one-click modifications to your products for a variety of purposes.

Legislation Compliant

Nutritics knows the law and all provided data complies with your legal obligations

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Enhanced Accuracy

Most Accurate Data Available

Best in Class

Our recipe analysis incorporates weight change and nutritional loss from cooking. We can even calculate oil absorbed from frying or salt absorbed from boiling

Curated by Experts

Our food databases are reviewed by registered dietitians when inputted into our software

Most Up-To-Date Databases 

Latest country-specific databases available instantly

Labelling Tools

Generate Your Own FDA & EU Labels

Automatic Label Generation

Automatically generate compliant front of pack and back of pack labels with one click

Design Compliance

We constantly monitor legislation surrounding design compliance & update Nutritics automatically 

Integrate with Existing Hardware

No need to buy specific printers. Nutritics API integrates with all of your existing hardware

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Database vs Lab Analysis

Why Database Analysis is more Accurate, Faster & Cheaper

Increased Accuracy 

FDA actively encourage database analysis as a variety of samples are tested when compiling composition data

Cut Out The Middle Man

With database analysis there is no time delays waiting for samples, You have control over everything

Database Analysis is 86% Cheaper

On average lab analysis is £150 per recipe. With Nutritics its <£5 per recipe

Simple & Secure Set Up

Take the Stress Out of Getting Started

Simple Installation

Cloud based software so you can access from any computer

Free & Silent Updates

No need to involve your IT department. Newest versions of Nutritics are ready when you log in

Enhanced Security

Your data is safe with our bank level SSL encryption and secure backup servers

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