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Product Development Software

Streamline your product development process from recipe formulation to the final product. Manage preparation, traceability, nutrition, allergens and labelling all in one platform. Create new food products using Nutritics’ extensive food database or your own ingredients and let the software do the calculations for you. Work smarter not harder with Nutritics' automation capabilities.

  • Increase profits and efficiency

  • Easily comply with legal requirements

  • Automated processes, instant results

Complete Product Development System

Get your product to the market quicker using one centralised system

Recipe Management

Create recipes using our vast database of over 1 million foods or your supplier data. Automatically calculate nutrition, calories and allergens for each dish or product

Reformulation Tool

Reformulate your recipes to improve their nutritional profile and make nutrition and health claims or engineer allergens out of a product

Label Maker

Add nutrition panels, allergens, full ingredient lists, price, barcode, nutrition & health claims, dates of durability and more. Supports EU, FDA, FSANZ and SA format (more info below)

Supplier Portal (Enterprise)

Access a live database of ingredients directly from your suppliers. Changes to ingredients, e.g. nutrition and allergen information, are fed to the system in real-time

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Automated Workflows

Let the software do the calculations for you!

Cost & Waste Management

Generate cost reports, calculate cost-per-serving, per-batch and get an RRP for products based on the desired profit margin and tax rate. Calculate waste and serving sizes more effectively

Nutrition & Health Claims

Upsell products based on their nutritional value. Nutritics indicates nutrition and health claims when your recipe meets the legal conditions for the claim

Label Magic

Share approved food labels to your sites for on-demand or in-advance printing. Changes made to recipes, suppliers and label designs are updated in real-time

Printers & Labels (Optional)

Print directly from Nutritics to our recommended thermal printer and labels or integrate with your existing printing system

With health claims being our main selling feature, targeting our core market, using Nutritics led to 25% increase in our overall sales [...]
Nutritics sped up getting our product to market by at least 6 months.

Niall Maloney, CEO and Founder, PowCow

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Nutrition Label Maker

Easily calculate nutrition facts in line with food law
  • Drag & drop label maker
    Drag and drop nutrition, allergens, costs, ingredient list, traffic
    lights and health & nutrition claims and more onto labels in the
    Nutritics label designer
  • Pre-built templates
    Choose from a range of label templates or build a custom layout
    to include your logo, barcode and any custom text and graphics
  • Integration with hardware
    Use our recommended thermal printer and labels or integrate
    with your existing printing system
  • Label Review Service
    Need further peace-of-mind? Our expert team are on hand to
    conduct a compliance review of your labels (learn more)
  • Learn more about the label maker here
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