Nutritics Insight Recipe Analysis & Menu Management Software


Menu Management Software

Manage Recipes while Increasing Profit & Ensuring Compliance

Collaboration Tools

Reduce waste & standardise ingredients, preparation & serving size between chefs via collaboration tools

Recipe Analysis

Assess the allergens, and nutrition of your recipes using our extensive food database of 125,000 foods

Costings Analysis

Calculate per portion costs automatically used. Add profit margin and sales tax to calculate RRP instantly

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Analyse Recipes Effortlessly

Fast Recipe Analysis for Busy Businesses

Worlds Most Accurate Analysis 

Allergens are automatically flagged and nutrients are recalculated based on cooking methods

Nutritics is the only software to do this

Intuitive Design

Our superior design and advanced calculation tools allow you to analyse your recipes in less than 3 minutes

Import Suppliers databases

Bulk upload suppliers ingredients databases to get exact nutrition & costs instantly 

Increase Your Profit Margin

Increase Profit While Demonstrating Compliance

Cheaper Than Alternatives

Analysing recipes using Nutritics is significantly cheaper than consultancy services

Optimise Least Profitable Dishes

Maximise profit on recipes by exploring the impact of using alternative ingredients,portion sizes and RRP

Up Sell Dishes Based on Nutrition

Use Nutritics to create premium dishes high in desirable nutrients. For e.g a high protein or low calorie menu

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Improve Traceability

Easily Demonstrate Compliance

Prepare For Inspections

Add custom data to ingredients, such as country of origin, shelf life & storage

Consistency Between Sites

Standardise ingredients, preparation, plating & serving size across sites via controlled collaboration tools

Seamless Integration

Optional integration with your  EPOS, procurement and stock management systems through our API

Leverage Innovative Technology

Stand Out From the Crowd with Digital Menus

Positively Influence Customers Choices

87% of customer purchasing decisions are positively influenced by the Nutritics Digital Menu
Source: Esquires Coffee case study, June 2016

Simple Legislation Compliance

Provide allergen, nutrition and pricing information to your customers via an easy-to-use digital display

Save printing costs

No need to reprint menus or menu boards for calorie or allergen display purposes

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Simple & Secure Set Up

Stress Free Set Up

Simple Installation

Cloud based software so you can access from any computer

Free & Silent Updates

No need to involve your IT department. Newest versions of Nutritics are ready when you log in

Bank Level Security

Independently verified bank level security with 256 bit encryption and automatically backed up data
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