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Nutritics Insight Menu Development & Management Software


Menu Management Software for Catering Businesses

Streamline your workflow to maximise efficiency and create a seamless customer experience. Manage your operations including recipe development, costings and allergen management, menu planning and nutrition analysis - everything in one system with all information linked together. It has never been easier to comply with food law!

  • Increase profits & efficiency

  • Easily comply with legal requirements

  • Automated processes, instant results

Speed up your menu development

Input recipes & menu items and let the software do the calculations for you!

Recipe Analysis

Automatically calculate allergens, calories and nutrition using our database of 1 million ingredients or your supplier data

Calorie & Allergen Information

Share recipe information like allergens or calories to each customer in digital (see example) or paper format

Nutrition & Health Claims

Upsell dishes based on their nutritional value automatically calculated by Nutritics

Food Ordering System

Manage click & collect, delivery, in-house and in-queue ordering in one integrated system (more info below)

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Automated menu management & costs

Effectively manage multiple recipes, menus and sites at once

Cost, Profit & Waste Calculator

Increase profit and efficiency by automating cost calculations and monitoring waste

Automatic Reformulation

Improve the nutrient profile of your recipes using Nutritics’ unique reformulation algorithm

Nutrition Label Maker

Create food labels that provide nutrition and allergen information in line with legal requirements (more info)

Supplier Portal

Update and add new ingredient, allergen and nutrition information to the system in real-time

I have found Nutritics to be a fantastic tool. It has saved me a lot of time and continues to improve all the time. The Nutritics team have been very helpful
in tailoring the programme to suit my needs and help reduce my workload.
This programme would be a benefit to any site.

Conor Rafferty, Head Chef, NUIG (Aramark)

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Online Food Ordering System

Keep customers & staff safe while maintaining revenue in a world of social distancing
  • Click & collect in less than 5 steps
    Let customers order online for pick-up at selected times.
    Also works for in-house ordering via tablet
  • Full nutrition & allergen transparency
    Give customers control of their health and help them to make
    informed food choices
  • Update menus in real-time
    Increase flexibility, only update your menus once, hide menu
    items as stock runs out
  • Optimise your workflow
    End-to-end solution incl. recipe analysis, menu creation, label
    maker & ordering system to create a seamless experience
  • Add a new revenue stream 
    Turn the click & collect system into an additional revenue
    stream for your restaurant
  • Have a look at a sample menu here

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Nutrition Label Maker

Easily calculate nutrition facts in line with food law
  • Automatically generate front of pack and back of pack
    labels in line with legal requirements
  • Nutrition, allergens, costs, RRP, ingredient declaration,
    traffic lights and health & nutrition claims are automatically
    flagged as you create your recipes
  • Managed through one centralised licence.
    No need for in-store training
  • Integrates with all of your existing hardware
  • Learn more about the label maker here
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