Nutritics Education Nutrition Analysis Software for Food Diaries & 24-Hour-Recalls


Complex Analysis, Simplified

Powerful Software for Quality Research

In-Depth Nutrition Analysis

Analyse food diaries for over 258 nutrients using our extensive food database of over 125,000 foods

Bulk Export

Batch export food diaries to Excel for grouped analysis. Automatically calculate average nutrient intakes for groups

Add Custom Fields

Add your own fields to any food or food diary, such as meal times, satiety levels or custom nutrients

Collaboration Tools

Combine data from multiple accounts into your master account for analysis, complete with audit trail

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Evidence Based & Accurate

Trusted by Dietitians & Hospitals in over 100 Countries

Enhanced Accuracy

Automatically calculate nutrition gains/losses based on cooking method

Evidence Based Guidelines

Choose from 9 sets of national & international established dietary guidelines

Highly Customisable

Design your own DRV's, Energy calculations and dietary guidelines

Stress Free Set Up

No Complicated Meetings with IT

No Installation Required

Our cloud based software is accessible from any computer 

Free & Silent Updates

Latest features & upgrades are installed while you work

Simple & Intuitive Interface

Get started quickly instead of wasting time learning a complicated new tool

YouTube Support Channel

Tutorial videos show every aspect of Nutritics step by step. Regular FREE live webinars on basic & advanced features.

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