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Nutritics Education Nutrition Software for Research


Nutrition Software for Research

Streamline the process from data collection to evaluation. Save valuable time by automatically importing participants’ data - no more manual logging! Gain greater control with accurate, up-to-date and evidence based data. There is no room for human error with the software automatically doing the calculations for you.

  • Most current evidence-based data

  • Save time & work more efficiently

  • Support every step of the way

Speed up your nutrition research

Just let the software do the calculations for you!

Nutrition Analysis

Assess dietary intake of up to 258 nutrients including vitamins, minerals and glycemic load using our database of over 1 million foods

Activity Tracking

Choose from over 850 activities to track physical activity, intensity level and duration for accurate energy expenditure

Get started immediately

Easy setup with simple and intuitive interface. Free training for large scale data collection and analysis available

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Tailor Nutritics to your research goals

Gain greater control of your research data

Bulk Export

Batch export food diaries to Excel for grouped analysis. Automatically calculate average nutrient intakes for groups

Custom Fields

Add your own data to any food or food diary, such as meal times, satiety levels or custom nutrients

Collaboration Tools

Combine data from multiple accounts into your master account for analysis, complete with audit trail

The ability to access data online and share food databases & diet logs with the whole research team, even when they're away from the lab, are just some of
the benefits of the Nutritics software. I'd highly recommend Nutritics to other researchers seeking a robust nutrition analysis solution.

Dr Aifric O'Sullivan, Assistant Professor in Human Nutrition, UCD

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Libro - Mobile App for Nutrition Research

Take the work out of data collection

Connect with participants

Save time by inviting participants to log their own food, exercise, sleep and much more - no more manual data entry! Import to Nutritics with one click!

Smarter & more reliable

Built-in portion size photographs and a smart assistant help participants to accurately estimate food intake and activity in minimal time.

Tailor for success

Customise the app setup for each participant depending on your research goals.

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