Nutritics Labelling Nutrition Label Maker including Allergen Information & Nutrition Claims

Create Compliant Food Labels

No Need For Expensive Lab Testing

Step 1: Build Your Recipes In Nutritics

Simply recreate your recipe in the software by selecting ingredients from our database of 125,000 foods

Step 2: Let Nutritics Do The Calculations

Nutritics calculates 125 nutrition parameters, allergens, QUID, cost-per-portion, nutrition & health claimscountry of originfront of pack labelling and much more

Step 3: Export Your New Label

Instantly export EU, FDA and FSANZ compliant nutrition panels, or design complete food labels with our drag & drop label maker

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Worried About Accuracy?

Database Analysis is Cheaper & More Accurate Than Lab Testing 

Accurate Composition Data

The FDA actively encourages database analysis as a variety of samples are tested for composition data 

Enhanced Scalability

Whether you’re just starting out or you have thousands of recipes, Nutritics is both cost effective and scalable 

Database Analysis is 86% Cheaper

On average lab analysis is £150 per recipe. With Nutritics its <£5 per recipe

Increased Flexibility

Future Proof Your Labelling

Ready for change

Changes in recipes require just a few clicks to update, and new regulatory requirements are integrated automatically

Optimise and Reformulate

Gain complete transparency during product development; reformulate to improve nutrition, reduce costs, or to enable automatic nutrition & health claims

Works with your business

Nutritics integrates with all major point-of-sales systems and traditional labelling systems

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Recipe Review Service

Want to Ensure Peace Of Mind As You're Starting Out? 

Reviewed By Experts

We have partnered with NIS & ABC Law to deliver a unique review service of your recipes to ensure you are 100% confident that you have inputted everything correctly for the best results

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