Nutritics Performance Sports Nutrition & Athlete Management Software


Advanced Nutrition Analysis 

Get Serious About Winning

In Depth Nutrition Assessment

Assess energy expenditure & dietary intake of up to 258 nutrients to identify deficiencies & optimal intakes

Meal Planning Tool

Create meal plans with our extensive database of over 125,000 foods, including sports supplements

Recipe Analysis Tool

Easily analyse and compare recipes for nutrition & allergens before adding them to meal plans

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Gain The Competitive Edge

Optimise Athletic Performance with Customised Nutrition

Highly Personalised

Personalise energy calculations, lean body mass calculations and DRV’s for maximum impact

Evidence Based

Create your own guidelines or choose from 9 sets of evidence based guidelines including sports guidelines 


Nutritics has the most-up-to date sports dietary guidelines and food databases available at all times

Empower Your Athletes

Motivate Your Athletes Through Education

Client Facing Reports

Fully customisable & clear reports so you can present data to your athletes in a way that motivates them

Compare Diets

Show athletes differences between their existing diet and your recommended diet in order to motivate them

Visualise Goals

Use visual aids such as graphs and charts to help athletes see their goals in a more tangible way
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Be A Thought Leader

Demonstrate your Dedication to Health and Innovation

Industry Leading Software

Nutritics is used by performance nutritionists, sport science teams & Institutes of Sport in over 100 countries

Research Ready

Batch analyse groups of data to uncover trends and statistics to support decision making and research

Current Data 

Most up-to-date food databases and evidence based dietary guidelines. 

Easily Integrated System

No Complicated Meetings with IT

Simple Installation

Cloud based software so you can access from any computer. Access & permissions are tightly controlled by your master license

Free & Silent Updates

Newest versions of Nutritics are ready when you log in

Seamless Integration

 Advanced API available for optional integration with your existing systems

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You're in good company

Nutritics has massively benefited me in understanding and educating my athletes
David Dunne, Performance Nutritionist for Bradley Wiggins & the British cycling team