Nutritics insight Recipe Costing and Nutrition Calculator Software


Menu Management, Simplified

Comply with Legislation, Increase Profit Margins and Win New Customers

Recipe Analysis

Automatically calculate allergens, calories & nutrition of recipes using our database of 125,000 foods

Costings Analysis

Calculate per-portion costs automatically. Add profit margin and sales tax to calculate RRP instantly

Improve Kitchen Efficiency

Reduce waste & standardise ingredients, preparation & serving size between chefs via collaboration tools

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Automatically Manage Compliance

If You Have To Do It, Do It Right!

Automatic Allergen Indicators

Allergen flags are already attached to each ingredient in our database. Update an ingredients allergens and it updates across all your recipes

Largest Food Database

Choose from over 125,000 foods when building your recipes. No more wasting time adding in foods yourself

Import Supplier Databases

Bulk upload supplier’s ingredient databases for even greater accuracy & speed

Increase Your Profit Margin

Turn Mandatory Legislation into Profit

Optimise Least Profitable Dishes

Maximise profit on recipes by exploring the impact of using alternative ingredients, portion sizes and RRP

70% Cheaper Than Alternatives

Analysing recipes yourself using Nutritics is cheaper than consultancy, and enables flexibility around menu updates

Up Sell Dishes Based on Nutrition

Use Nutritics to create premium dishes high in desirable nutrients. E.G a high protein or high vitamin menu

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Leverage Innovative Technology

Stand out from the crowd with Digital Menus

Positively Influence Customers Choices

87% of customer purchasing decisions are positively influenced by the Nutritics Digital Menu (source Esquires Coffee case study, June 2016)

Simple Legislation Compliance

Provide allergen, nutrition and pricing information to your customers via an easy-to-use digital display

Save printing costs

No need to reprint menus or menu boards for calorie or allergen display purposes

Expand Your Customer Base

Win More Business

Tap Into New Markets

Tap into the ever growing health conscious market by providing accurate health statements such as “Low in Fat”

Increase Customer Loyalty

Increase customer loyalty by being more transparent with your customers about allergens, calories and nutrition of dishes

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You're in good company

It's easy to use and always up-to-date. 
Jennifer O'Neill - Danone
Great for menu planning, calorie counting and allergens
Karl O'Reily - The Convention Centre
The best product for allergens on the market.
Adrian Bane - Radisson Blu Hotel
It's easy to use and has great customer support! 
Sheila Bowers - HSE Catering
Easy to calculate costings, allergens and nutritional values.
Radek Patocka - Radisson Blu Hotels