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Nutritics is dedicated to make food information more reliable, more accessible and more valuable using modern technology. Combining nutrition science, food law and technology, Nutritics saves you time, money and unlocks new potential for your business. 

We provide nutrition software to thousands of forward thinking clients in healthcare, elite sport, food services, food manufacturing, and education. By using Nutritics for dietary analysis, meal planning or recipe and menu management, today's professionals have the tools available to empower their clients to make the most appropriate food choices for their needs. 

The company was founded in 2013 by Damian and Ciarán O’Kelly and has quickly grown to be the nutrition management software of choice for clients across more than 170 countries. 

Nutritics Recipe Calculation

nutritics eurofir, nutritics eurofir accreditation

EuroFIR AISBL, an international member-based non-profit association under Belgian law, was set up in 2009 to ensure sustained advocacy for food information in Europe. The mission of EuroFIR AISBL is to be the best and only independent broker of validated food composition data and supporting information in Europe and beyond, facilitate improved data quality, storage and access, and encourage wider applications and exploitation of food composition data for both research and commercial purposes. The EuroFIR accreditation scheme for quality evaluation for nutrition analysis software independently reviews and accredits software that can be linked to EuroFIR and existing European standards for food. 

Nutritics is the only software in the world to be accredited for best practice recipe calculation for nutrient calculations in Europe.

Nutritics Data Sourcing

Nutritics database is comprised of official national databases for many countries world wide. Data is supplemented with valuable reference information including, photos, portions, and portion size estimation aids. Each database is available in the local language(s) and in English. In addition, we have created a large database of universal Arabic foods. 

We maintain databases from brands, food suppliers, retail chains & clinical feeds so you have total control to choose the data that is a proprietary global 'Nutritics' database from user-requested foods, including a wide range of sports supplements, health food products, supplier and restaurant data. Foods are sourced directly from manufacturers, research papers or added by conversion from other food databases by our qualified nutritionists. Specialised clinical feeds and nutrition products from suppliers including Nutricia, Fresenius Kabi and Abbott Nutrition. 

Gluten free and low protein ranges from a wide range of suppliers A proprietary database of food additives such as vitamin and mineral compounds, preservatives, colourings, flavour enhancers and thickeners. 

Nutritics supports local food labelling and regulatory requirements based on your selected location. 

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