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Professional Nutrition Software

Created by Nutrition Experts

Nutritional Analysis

Assess dietary intake of up to 258 nutrients including vitamins & minerals and glycemic load

Meal Planning

Create meal plans using our database of over 650,000 foods, including health foods, supplements & branded data

Recipe Analysis

Analyse recipes before adding them to meal plans. Create healthier versions of clients' favourite recipes

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Ensure Client Success

And Therefore Your Success!

Accurately assess dietary intake

Generate evidence-based reports using the latest national and international dietary guidelines

Personalise your recommendations

Calculate client nutrition requirements based on age, weight, gender, activity level, goals and more

Increase brand awareness

Add your own logo to all reports and templates

Stay connected on the go

Access your data from anywhere on any device at any time

Ensure Client Success

And Therefore your Success!

Enhanced Accuracy

Calculate fat absorption and nutrient losses automatically, based on chosen cooking method

Evidence Based Guidelines

Choose from 9 sets of national & international evidence based dietary guidelines (DRV's), or create your own

Highly Personalised

Calculate client nutrition requirements based on 10 variables, including age, gender, activity, goals and more

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Grow Your Business

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Only pay for what you need. You can add more features & storage as your business grows. No Contracts!


Generate interesting nutrition content such as food comparisons & recipes for your followers on social media

Add More Services to Your Business

Increase revenue by delivering a recipe analysis service to restaurants and food business 

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You're in good company

It simply is the best software for nutrition professionals
Taru Merikoski - ArcticNut
Most user friendly nutrition software I've used
~ Rebecca Williams - GSK
I was amazed at how quickly I found my way around Nutritics !
~ Linda Main - Heart UK
Easy to use and fantastic support from you guys
Alice Cassidy - AC Nutrition Dubai
Very easy to use and a comprehensive database
Liane Reeves - Reeves Diets
 Nutritics has become an important part of our curriculum
~ Melissa Turner, IHS (Institute of Health Sciences)
It's easy to use and the team respond quickly to queries
Rachelle Blackburn - NHS
There is always someone there to tailor it to my needs. Really impressed!  
~ Nicola Ragon-Paxton, Ilovegreens Clinic, UK