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With our dedicated API explorer generating code for you, you can get our data into your app in less than a minute.

Standards Compliant

Our HTTP REST API with Basic authentication done in the header returns JSON format results, compatible with all common coding languages. 

Fast & reliable

Response time is on average <200ms in Europe and <300ms in US. Our servers have 99.99% uptime.

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Feature-Packed Food Search

Super-smart engine

Our search engine handles partial words, misspellings and colloquial terms and can order results based on quantity of a specific nutrient or by food popularity. You can even filter by allergens or diet type or restrict searches to a specific country or commercial supplier.

Allergens & Traffic lights

EU & US labelling legislation is built into Nutritics nutrition API and the system will flag all 28 regulation allergens as appropriate. We can also calculate % daily allowance and return regulation traffic-light colours when given a portion size.

Photos, Portions, Micronutrients & More

Our nutritionists have manually augmented our global databases with photos, suggested portion sizes and detailed micro-nutrition for up to 300 nutrients. You wont get this data anywhere else!!

Localized & Specialized Data

Nutritics database is comprised of the official national databases for each country (USDA, COFIDS, AUSNUT, BLS, etc) with vast augmented data for photos, portions, etc. Each database is available in the local language(s) and in English. In addition, we've created a large database of universal Arabic foods and we maintain toggleable databases from brands, food suppliers, retail chains & clinical feeds so you have total control over where your data is coming from.

Real-Time Recipe Analysis

Most accurate software analysis available

Our recipe analysis service incorporates weight change and nutritional loss from cooking. We can even calculate oil absorbed from frying or salt absorbed from boiling.


Nutritics can calculate per-portion costs & RRP automatically. Our API also returns a regulation-compliant ingredient listing (QUID) for consumer packaging. A URL for sharable/printable recipe reports is provided by default.

Universal input formats

Quantities are accepted in g, kg, lb, oz, st, ml, l, floz, pt, qt, gl. We also accept smart quantities like "1 serving", which automatically calculates a single portion.
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We've gone above and beyond to make implementation a breeze. Our API explorer writes fully authenticated code for you, to get you off the ground immediately. Our docs are built into the explorer so help is right there as you work. Our syntax was designed with real workflows in mind and has a number of powerful shortcut functions to reduce calls and improve efficiency.

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Our API docs contain thorough request specifications with practical examples & code samples

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All email & phone enquiries are responded to instantly during business hours

To trial our API, please register and then try the API explorer ↗