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23rd Oct 2017 EFSA Dietary Reference Values now live!EFSA Dietary Reference Values now live!
Nutritics now includes the latest EU Dietary Reference Values and Tolerable Upper Limits for use in dietary assessment and meal planning with your clients.  The European Food Safety Authority have recognised the need to update the 1993 targets from the Scientific Committee on Food (SCF) to...Read On >
20th Feb 2017 Nutritics 4.3 Whats New?Nutritics 4.3 Whats New?
We have just launched Nutritics 4.3!  With this update, our ethos was to make your life easier by making Nutritics smarter. We've built several new tools to help food industry deal with the onslaught of complex legislation surrounding food production and labelling. We've also upgraded the...Read On >
14th Dec 2016 Nutritics Is Now Available In ArabicNutritics Is Now Available In Arabic
We are proud to announce that Nutritics reports are now available in Arabic. See a sample food diary HERENutritics uses the US and Arabic food databases for middle eastern regions. These databases can be selected from the setting menu >databases>middle east Read On >
8th Jun 2016 Nutritics v4.2 Rolling Out!Nutritics v4.2 Rolling Out!
We have just updated all accounts to the latest version of Nutritics. As always we have added many customer recommended features and suggestions to improve usability, function and security. Have a look to see whats new! New Features New Digital Menu for foodservice users (pictured above). This...Read On >
14th Dec 2015 Nutritics v4 Launched todayNutritics v4 Launched today
We have some exciting news to share! Today we have launched Nutritics V4.0. This is our most comprehensive update ever and we've included many new features and upgrades directly requested by our clients. Nutritics 4.0 Nutrition Updates Evidence based nutrition is at the forefront of...Read On >
20th Oct 2014 New Server Online
We brought a new quad-core server online over the weekend which is solely dedicated to crunching your Nutritics numbers. Nutritics popularity has increased exponentially over the past few months and our old server just wasn't cutting the mustard any more, so we've invested heavily in cutting...Read On >
22nd Sep 2014 Nutritics v3.5 Live!
Nutritics has just been updated with a host of new features! New activity and MET calculator for determining energy expenditureEnergy adjustment interface for weight loss/weight gain goalEnhanced search with new filters, new reports and graphsNew online & searchable user manual! Check out the...Read On >
11th Sep 2014 New online user guide
We've just published our updated user guide to our website, complete with instant keyword search, and instructional videos. Check it out here: On >
9th Jul 2014 Cost per portion calculator now live!
Fantastic new feature for those working with the food industry - Now you can calculate the cost per portion of your meals and recipes using the Nutritics recipe creator. The recipe creator also calculates calories per serving, full nutritional profile on 60+ nutrients, and flags potential...Read On >
4th Dec 2013 Nutritics v3 is LIVE!
We've been working hard over the last few months and Nutritics v3.0 finally rolled out today, packing the most highly anticipated features as requested by you in our feedback portal. This feature-packed update is free to all customers. What's new? New Context Menu: Right click to duplicate &...Read On >
5th Jul 2013 Nutritics v2.5 liveNutritics v2.5 live
DRV editorDRV Editor: (Dietary Reference Values) Now you can set your own nutrient targets for use in the reports. Recommended intake, ranges and lower and upper limits can all be set. You can also tweak and customise the existing built in DRV's! Meal Plan Target Monitors: Now you can see how...Read On >
7th Jun 2013 Juice Builder
Try our new juice builder in Nutritics, simply search for 'home juicing', 'builder', or search for the ingredients individually. Feel free to drop us a line if you need some help!Read On >
17th May 2013 New prices!
Due to popular demand, Nutritics is now available from as little as £12.60/€15 per month + VAT! Log into our new account portal to compare our package options or to change your current subscription plan.  Read On >
4th Apr 2013 Whitelabel ReportsWhitelabel Reports
One of our most highly anticipated features rolled out this afternoon! Nutritics now supports branding your printed reports with your own logo or banner. You'll find the new option to upload a logo in the settings box. Enjoy!Read On >
11th Mar 2013 Nutritics v2.2 liveNutritics v2.2 live
Nutritics portable: Windows users can now store Nutritics on a USB key or disc to access your account from any computer without installing anything. How convenient! Get it on our downloads page.Updated reports: New fonts, sharper pie charts and a cleaner overall look and feel on meal plans,...Read On >

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