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Recipe & Menu Management

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Nutritics and Brakes Partner on New Foodservice Offering, Virtual Chef Online

Nutritics have announced a new partnership with Brakes, the UK’s leading foodservice provider. Nutritics and Brakes have joined forces to launch a one-stop solution called “Virtual Chef Online”, an advanced, groundbreaking suite of online recipe and menu management tools for foodservice operators including: The partnership will provide an exciting opportunity for food businesses to ensure … Continued

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New Study Launched to Explore Potential Treatments for Food Allergies

The Natasha’s Allergy Research Foundation has set up a £2.2m clinical trial aiming to improve treatment of allergies.  The study will examine whether commonly available peanut and milk products can be used as an alternative to expensive pharmaceutical drugs to ‘desensitise’ patients with allergies. If successful, it could make life easier for people with food … Continued

image of a healthy fish meal

Why Iodine is Essential and How to Make Sure You Get Enough

It is always a pleasure to attend the Nutrition Society meetings. The quality of research presented is inspirational. We are very proud of our University College Dublin undergraduate Human Nutrition Students, who had the opportunity to present their research on portion size photography. Congratulations to both of them and to the other undergraduate students who … Continued

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What does sustainability look like for food to go in 2023

After an understandable sales dip during COVID and numerous national lockdowns, food to go has bounced back with more people travelling for work and leisure.  Last year, Lumina Intelligence’s annual 2022 UK Food To Go report’ predicted that the value of the market will rise by 31.8% to £21.3 billion, whilst recent data from the … Continued

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How to Create a Climate-Friendly Menu

In April 2022, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) emphasised that the only hope of ensuring a “liveable future” for humanity is to slash carbon emissions almost in half within less than a decade, and having a climate friendly menu strategy is a key factor in this. What we eat has an enormous role … Continued

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Using Nutritics to Support Your Use of Health Claims in Europe

European Union rules on nutrition and health claims are established by Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006. This Regulation has been applied since the 1st of July 2007. If you make a nutrition or health claim on your product, you must comply with this regulation. The objective of the rules is to ensure that any claim made on a … Continued

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Understanding Nutritics’ Commitment to Data Integrity and Quality Assurance

Introduction Nutritics’ vision is to be the world’s most trusted food data management software, delivering valuable insights that enable better informed food choices. The team at Nutritics is unique in its commitment to high-quality, trustworthy data that undergoes rigorous quality assurance processes before it can be accepted into the system. We’re dedicated to continuous innovation, … Continued

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This Movement is Building a Better Hospitality Industry For All

What makes a kitchen a fair place to work? If you’ve seen the #FairKitchens hashtag on social media and wondered exactly what it’s about, meet the movement dedicated to ensuring a happier, healthier work life for everyone.  Founded in 2018 amid growing awareness of widespread wellbeing and mental health issues throughout the foodservice and hospitality … Continued

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Reformulating recipes to help restaurants reduce their environmental impact

For restaurants, cafés, bars and foodservice operators, transforming your business to become sustainable is not an easy process and the route taken is a little different for everyone. The good news – there are many ways to minimise your environmental impact and reviewing your recipe’s  ingredients is one route to explore.  Using Foodprint data, let’s … Continued

Our Hundreds of Recipes Will Make Meal Planning a Breeze

Searching for meal planning and cooking inspiration for your clients? You’ll be happy to hear that Nutritics has hundreds of easy and delicious recipes available, ready to use in your clients’ meal plans.  As part of our commitment to providing our users with the best tools possible, we have added hundreds of sample recipes to Nutritics — free … Continued

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