Nutritics and Brakes Partner on New Foodservice Offering, Virtual Chef Online

Nutritics have announced a new partnership with Brakes, the UK’s leading foodservice provider.

Nutritics and Brakes have joined forces to launch a one-stop solution called “Virtual Chef Online”, an advanced, groundbreaking suite of online recipe and menu management tools for foodservice operators including:

  • Recipe analysis to automatically calculate cost, nutrition and allergens
  • Menu management for GP and sales analysis alongside customer menu display options
  • Customised label maker
  • Cost, sustainability and waste analysis
  • Unique real-time access to Brakes portfolio of 12,000 products and prices via a live data feed

The partnership will provide an exciting opportunity for food businesses to ensure compliance with food law, making it simple to not only manage but also reformulate recipes in order to improve nutritional profiles, manage allergens, or meet specific targets to enable nutrition and health claims.

As part of the agreement, Nutritics is Brakes’ preferred software provider, establishing a more standardised foodservice software system in the UK that is geared towards the food industry’s needs as well as providing consumers with more robust information and a higher level of transparency to make informed food choices.

“As well as simplifying the entire menu development process, increasing efficiency and reducing food waste, Virtual Chef Online will make it easier for our customers to comply with current food regulations, as well as upcoming legislation such as Natasha’s Law,” said Adam Collett, Brakes UK Marketing and Digital Director. “Along with our ‘Help for Hospitality’ campaign, Virtual Chef Online further strengthens our support for the industry as it bounces back after lockdown.”

Stephen Nolan, Managing Director at Nutritics, said: “We are delighted to partner with Brakes to power the technology behind the Virtual Chef Online solution. This new market offer gives Brakes’ customers access to best-in-class recipe and menu management technology and will enable them to optimise their offer, enhance compliance and improve the customer experience all from one software solution.”

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