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Hospitality Operations

Introducing Nutritics 6 – Customer Resources

We’ve developed new features in-line with customer feedback and market direction, which will transform how Nutritics benefits food businesses. Nutritics 6 addresses the increasing pressure on chefs and technical teams during menu cycles, the need for speed, accuracy and cost control, plus the need to lower the impact of carbon across food service.  Key features … Continued

carbon emissions coming from chimneys

To offset or not: is carbon offsetting worth it? 

While our role is to provide customers with manageable data to help them on their path towards responsible sourcing, we’re often asked, when discussing sustainability with foodservice and hospitality businesses, whether carbon offsetting is worthwhile.  There has always been debate around their effectiveness, but it was shocking to read that a Guardian investigation showed more … Continued

cake being thrown onto the ground

Let’s say no to food waste in 2023

Food waste remains a massive issue for the hospitality and foodservice (HaFS) sector. With the UK Government targeting a 50% reduction in food waste by 2030 as part of Scope 3 Food and Drink protocols, it’s only going to become more pressing in the years ahead.  Of course, all food and drink production has an environmental impact … Continued

image of a barren desert

Why the Worst Thing You Can Do for Sustainability in Your Food Business Is Nothing

The global food industry is responsible for a substantial proportion of the climate crisis, making it clear that ‘radical, rapid change’ is required to effect a drastic reduction in carbon emissions in this sector. That said, sustainability is an unknown area for the majority of food businesses, and many lack the resources and capacity to measure … Continued

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Why Sustainability is So Important When it Comes to Hospitality Recruitment

For businesses in the hospitality sector, having a clear sustainability strategy is becoming increasingly important for hospitality recruitment and retention.  Today’s customer is more attuned to environmental issues and eager to make more conscious purchasing choices. According to a biannual study carried out by the Food Standards Agency in the UK, over three-quarters (78%) of consumers say … Continued

prawns on a dish

What You Need to Know About Australia’s New CoOL Regulations for Seafood in Hospitality

What are the Seafood CoOL Regulations? Australia will soon introduce a legal requirement for Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) for seafood in hospitality settings. This means that restaurants, cafés and similar food businesses will need to provide information on the origins of their seafood dishes and products as part of CoOL Regulations. The goal is … Continued

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What does sustainability look like for food to go in 2023

After an understandable sales dip during COVID and numerous national lockdowns, food to go has bounced back with more people travelling for work and leisure.  Last year, Lumina Intelligence’s annual 2022 UK Food To Go report’ predicted that the value of the market will rise by 31.8% to £21.3 billion, whilst recent data from the … Continued

woman on laptop

Using Nutritics to Support Your Use of Health Claims in Europe

European Union rules on nutrition and health claims are established by Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006. This Regulation has been applied since the 1st of July 2007. If you make a nutrition or health claim on your product, you must comply with this regulation. The objective of the rules is to ensure that any claim made on a … Continued

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Translating the ESPEN Covid-19 Nutrition Guidance into Practice

The European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN) is a multidisciplinary society devoted to the study of metabolic problems associated with acute diseases and their nutritional implications and management. The members and partners of this established authority are key European professional experts in public health and healthcare. As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, … Continued

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Top tips to improve sustainability for your business

Our recent double-header of ‘Sustainability Matters’ reports at Nutritics, in collaboration with CGA by NIQ, looked at consumers’ and employees’ perceptions towards sustainability. We took a look at how these could be used to form top tips to improve sustainability for you, your staff and your customers. The results were illuminating.  More than two in five consumers … Continued

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