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Diet & Nutrition Management

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Why Iodine is Essential and How to Make Sure You Get Enough

It is always a pleasure to attend the Nutrition Society meetings. The quality of research presented is inspirational. We are very proud of our University College Dublin undergraduate Human Nutrition Students, who had the opportunity to present their research on portion size photography. Congratulations to both of them and to the other undergraduate students who … Continued

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How to Make Nutrition Claims on Your Foods Correctly

What are nutrition claims? Nutrition claims are any suggestion or statement to say that a food has a particular nutritional composition or provides a particular nutritional benefit. Nutrition claims on foods can help busy shoppers to decide between products as they provide information that can support efforts to eat healthier. However, knowing what you can … Continued

two people eating food in a restaurant

How to Encourage More Plant-Based Choices in Your Restaurant

It’s no secret that the rearing of livestock contributes more greenhouse gas emissions than the production of any other food. Reducing consumption of meat and dairy is one of the most significant ways in which individuals can minimise their own personal carbon footprint, and demand for plant-based options is increasing every year in most Western countries.  For foodservice … Continued

How to Choose the Best Dishes For Your Menu

Whether you’re revamping your existing menu or building a new one from scratch, it’s smart to be strategic about which dishes you include.  In this article, we share a straightforward menu analysis process that will allow you to see which menu items are best serving your business, which ones might need some work — and … Continued

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How Much Water Should I Really Be Drinking Every Day?

Now that January is upon us, everybody is trying hard to keep their New Year’s resolutions to exercise, eat healthy etc. It’s worth remembering while training/attending the gym, and healthy lunch prepping this January, that adequate hydration optimises results. Water makes up 60% of our body and is vital for normal function of every cell, … Continued

image of a salt pot

How Much Salt is Too Much? Our Tips for Cutting Your Clients’ Intake

Most people worldwide consume too much salt — on average 9-12 grams per day, or around twice the maximum recommended intake. (1,2) This has a significant impact on health: in fact, it’s estimated that approximately 2.5 million deaths could be prevented each year if global salt consumption was reduced to the recommended level. (1) High … Continued

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How do you balance nutritious & sustainable diets?

The global syndemic, a term encompassing both the challenges of malnutrition, including underweight, overweight & obesity and micronutrient deficiency, along with the degradation of environmental and natural resources, has become one of the most critical issues of our time. With food production accounting for the use of 48% and 70% of land and fresh water … Continued

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How Diet Apps Can Help Nutrition Professionals Connect with Clients

With around 2 million apps at the disposal of the Apple or Android user of 2020, the task of choosing those worthy of populating your home screen has never been more difficult. The recent dramatic shift towards technological living is intimidating. Technology now infiltrates almost every aspect of human living. The medical field has proven … Continued

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How Many Calories Do You Really Need in a Day?

We run through the basics of how calorie intake is actually calculated, as well as sharing some helpful advice on building good habits at meal times.

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Does Your Meal Plan Meet The 5 Australian Dietary Guidelines?

Dietary patterns consistent with the Australian Dietary Guidelines are linked with good health and wellbeing