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Patient Ordering

woman on video call with doctor

How to Stay Connected to Your Patients in a Digital World

We spoke to Leigh-Ann Silber, our business partner in South Africa about how we can support nutrition professionals best in connecting with their clients online. Having to move her own dietetic practice (Leigh-Ann Silber Registered Dietitians, which is affiliated with Intelihealth) over to an online model means Leigh-Ann knows what she is talking about.  Not surprisingly, she was … Continued

patient laying in hospital bed with nurse

8 Ways Technology Can Improve the Patient Experience

At Nutritics, we believe that technology has the ability to enrich and improve the patient experience, in addition to bringing a wealth of other benefits to your healthcare organisation. Read on for eight ways in which digital ordering can protect, support and empower patients, making their entire stay smoother and more comfortable.  1. Improves patient … Continued

Person having an appointment with a doctor

9 Ways Every Hospital Can Benefit From Digital Ordering Systems

Digital ordering can help cut costs and improve efficiency across your healthcare facility.

image of a boiled egg with toast

Why a Focus on Nutrition Matters in a Hospital Setting

"Good nutrition is an integral component of patient care."