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Menu Publishing: Ten Kites

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How Switching to Digital Menus Can Save You Money

With costs rising across the board, saving money is a top priority for food businesses this year. The good news is that switching to digital menus can help: not only can they reduce your costs in a number of ways, but they even have the power to boost revenue, too. Read on to find out how … Continued

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How Menu Language Makes a Huge Impact on the Popularity of Plant-Based Dishes

Research shows that simple changes to the language on your menu can massively increase the likelihood of customers choosing plant-based dishes over those with meat. Not only is this interesting from a consumer psychology angle, but it has real ramifications in a world where meat-free meals are increasingly relevant. In this article, we share four so-simple ways … Continued

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Embracing Sustainability: YO! Acquisition Highlights the Commercial Benefits

YO! acquisition shows size of the prize for operators who embrace sustainability, by Nutritics’ CEO – Stephen Nolan. The £491m sale of YO! operator Snowfox to Zensho Holdings shows the commercial benefits of embracing purpose and sustainability. With the sale price representing a multiple of 14 times Ebitda based on Snowfox’s most recent accounts, Zensho … Continued

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Do You Know Your Best Before Dates from Your Use-By Dates? Improve your Food Waste with our Top Tips.

Different types of date labels serve different purposes. Best before dates are about the quality of the food, while the use by date is about safety. In the EU, UK and Australia, these labels are regulated to ensure that retailers use the appropriate one for their products.  By contrast, dating is not required by US Federal law, with the … Continued

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Clever Tips for Designing an Effective Digital Menu

Smart menu design is more important than you might think: a well-planned digital menu can improve the entire dining experience, boost the perceived value of your brand, strategically drive customer buying decisions and, ultimately, increase your profits. First, make sure your offering itself is carefully considered, then follow our tips below to ensure you’re presenting it … Continued

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Calorie Labelling in the UK – Where do I start?

Recently, the UK government introduced a new legislation around adding calories to menus as part of their “Tackling Obesity” initiative in 2020:  “We can confirm that we will introduce legislation to require large out-of-home sector businesses, including restaurants, cafes and takeaways with more than 250 employees, to provide calorie labels on the food they sell. We … Continued

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6 Smart Ways to Cut Calories on Your Menu

With calorie information a mandatory inclusion on menus in England as of April 6th, 2022, this is a good time to re-evaluate your menu items through a calorie-conscious lens.  Healthy choices continue to enjoy increased importance for today’s consumer; recent research from Bidfood (2022) revealed that eight in 10 people in the UK are consciously looking for … Continued

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11 Tips for Improving your Restaurant Social Media

Not only have social media platforms become an irrevocable part of everyday life, but they’ve also evolved into a must-have for any food business, and are by far the most effective way to communicate and engage with your customers. What’s the best way of improving your restaurant social media? Research confirms that it has become standard practice for … Continued