Introducing Nutritics 6 – Customer Resources

We’ve developed new features in-line with customer feedback and market direction, which will transform how Nutritics benefits food businesses.

Nutritics 6 addresses the increasing pressure on chefs and technical teams during menu cycles, the need for speed, accuracy and cost control, plus the need to lower the impact of carbon across food service. 

Key features include: Recipe AI Wizard, Waste Tracking, Production and Forecasting, Insights, plus Translations and improved Accessibility.

The power these features will have on hospitality operations is significant. Boost efficiency and accuracy, plus provide insights into costs, food performance and sustainability metrics. 

Here are all the links to resources you may need:

  • Watch a replay of our webinar: ‘Introducing Nutritics 6’ which includes detailed demos of features and your questions answered.
  • Our support centre webpage has been updated with feature guides for Nutritics 6, making it easy for you to get started with these new features and reap the benefits. 
  • Use our Feature Cheat Sheet to learn which features are free vs paid. 
  • Watch a replay of our webinar with our Chief of Product, detailing all the business benefits of our Waste, Insights, and Production & Forecasting features. A how to – save money, improve guest experience and reduce the carbon in your food recipes and menus.