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What's new in Libro?

Our development team are always improving and developing new features for Libro. This post is updated monthly, listing all new changes.
21st Aug 2019

October 2019 LIBRO V0.86

  • New CLI for android which makes the app smaller and faster
  • Libro now integrates with Garmin fitness trackers to import your daily calorie burn
  • Support for "Libra" bluetooth weighing scales has been added
  • You can now log to Libro from in-store digital menus
  • Many bugs fixed thanks to your great feedback


  • Libro is now faster than ever before
  • New basket in Libro makes it easier to collect & log items
  • Libro now predicts entire meals to make it even faster to enter your diet diary
  • Libro now integrates with Google Fit & Fitbit to import your daily calorie burn
  • Libro now supports bluetooth weighing scales. Contact us to trial it or for more information!
  • Libro now warns you when a food is incompatible with your dietary preferences
  • Omni bar has been upgraded to understand all food searches
  • New restaurant menus in Libro (Ireland trial only)
  • Added support for inputting international food labels
  • Multiple UI tweaks in Libro including Icons in activity logs, changes to barcode scanning process, swipe to delete, and more

APRIL 2019 V0.84

  • Libro users can share recipe reports to social media

MARCH 2019 V0.83

  • Menu users can now attach their food outlet to Nutritics to show their menus in Libro

FEBRUARY 2019 V0.82

  • Libro Programs Launch
  • Libro International Launch
  • Libro omni-button
  • Improvements to Libro's prediction engine
  • Libro stability improvements